Two quick chicken dishes from one preparation — Brazilian cooking adventure

This is a series in which I try to reproduce my mother’s recipes from Brazil, in less than 1h, and on my student budget and student home space. I am a PhD student, trying to learn things that help me recharge after a stressful busy day, such as cooking. I hope to inspire other beginners and beginners to be, and create a forum to share experiences. Most of all, I hope to bring some Brazilian flair to all my friends and viewers! Check the full playlist at: Visit the Sewing Adventure channel to follow a vlog and start sewing from the very very beginning! Post comments, ask a recipe, make suggestions, ask questions!
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14 Responses to “Two quick chicken dishes from one preparation — Brazilian cooking adventure”

  1. BrazilCooking says:

    Thanks and thanks! I hope it really does turn out great when you make it!

  2. tbsosnj says:

    This looks amazing!!! I can’t wait to try both.
    PS-You’re beautiful!

  3. BrazilCooking says:

     I hope it bring yumminess to your table too!

  4. shahzadkayani74 says:


  5. BrazilCooking says:

    Thanks for the comment. I hope you will like it! wet and windy cheers from Canada for now, I will be sending warm ones from Brazil this weekend.

  6. coollary1 says:

    umm looks awesome! Can wait to try it! Thnxz

  7. BrazilCooking says:

    THANKS!!! have a nice Christmas too.

  8. 250cosmic says:

    Hi mam nice meals,have a nice christmas.

  9. BrazilCooking says:

    Thanks for the comment Cris. I call it strogonoff too, but I didn’t want to offend any real cooks. Can’t wait to be home and post the next videos!

  10. BrazilCooking says:

    @alissonamaral hahaha, eu comi todos os pedacinhos “bronzeados” que saíram da panela, e deixei só os pedaços grandes pro strogonoff!

  11. cristianeamesquita says:

    Nice tips about the raw chicken!
    You read my mind, I was going to suggest you to prepare “strogonoff”.
    Can’t wait to see the next video!

  12. BrazilCooking says:

    THANKS!!! I will send back warm cheers!

  13. bellevidrio says:

    Can’t wait to try it
    Have a great time in brazil

  14. bellevidrio says:

    Must try it!!! Have a great time in brazil