Scotch egg recipe from Waitrose and Heston

Despite popular belief, Scotch eggs are not actually Scottish. They were invented by that very English department store Fortnum & Mason in the 19th century. They were developed as a posh picnic food and though they are a welcome addition to any hamper, we think they are at their best eaten as soon as they are cooked when the yolks are still runny. You can buy all the ingredients, view more recipes and sign up to receive special offers at or visit our YouTube channel at http
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21 Responses to “Scotch egg recipe from Waitrose and Heston”

  1. darqdean says:

    erm, that’s 1:45 minutes (not secs) boiling, plus deep frying plus oven baking – those eggs are going to be cooked.

  2. ShaneWilliamsHitler says:



  3. kdg5636 says:

    mate, that’s the difference between you and chef Blumenthal and all the other chefs.

  4. sesanner says:

    Yes, you’re right.

    Well, actually I thoroughly enjoy YouTube . . . . it is a wonderful resource, a limited but highly valued library. However, I think you are right to dissuade me from any pure advertising videos. Not my cup of tea.

    Scotch eggs, on the other hand, quite an interesting cultural phenomena.

    Good fortune and long life to you.

  5. kdg5636 says:

    than don’t even get in to youtube at all. what a little whiny bitch. i’m just glad to watch heston cook didn’t even mind about the ad.

  6. sesanner says:

    wrote: Theres a whole lot more worse things for you to be bitching about than people advertising.

    You are so right. Although I do not bitch, I do comment on a wide variety of YouTube videos. The diversity is amazing and one of the many laudable aspects of YouTube. Advertising, on the other hand, I do not need. I can encounter advertising all day long on other less-democratic resources.

    I would much rather find creative, even artistic videos on YouTube, like yours, eh? 

  7. whowantsabighug says:

    Theres a whole lot more worse things for you to be bitching about than people advertising.

  8. bonzibonzibonzi1987 says:


  9. sweetypie000 says:

    i bought a box of large organic duchy freerange eggs yesterday at waitrose. Got home and fancied some pancakes. I cracked one egg into the flour (not taking much notice) cracked a second yolk and bang, a double yolker.

    Then today, fancied some heuvos rancheros, cracked two eggs, both double yolk ! apparently theres one tenth of one per cent chance of cracking open a double yolker and so far, at 3 out of 4 (to my knowledge… maybe the first was a double too !)

    i’m doing the lottery next !

  10. hunter398 says:

    No, the owner of Fortnum & Mason used a freaking laser to create the Scotch Egg, and then a Scottish man punched the egg.

  11. jeanmunn says:

    Information is wrong re : ” Scotch eggs are not actually Scottish ” these tasty wee delights were made by Catherine McKillop of Dundee, Scotland, well before Fortnum & Mason sold them in their store.
    History of Scottish Cuisine states they were a ” firm hen’s egg wrapped in a minced savoury meat and fried in the inner fat ” ( which I would presume to be suet ).
    Ms. McKillop sold these morsels in her shop in the late 18th. century mostly to travellers,,a Scotch egg it certainly was indeed.

  12. sesanner says:

    I hate to see YouTube being used as a global billboard for advertising. Waitrose, sell somewhere else, please. An ugly use of YouTube.

  13. BASTEH99 says:

    all his food is normal its just he does it his way, however he was paid to do this and they want people at home to be able to make these recipes :p

  14. PersonelCaliber says:

    heston is making normal food now? :O

  15. wombat5cent says:

    @Ravsterz Took me all of 20 minutes, just some advise, make sure you have everything out and ready before you start cooking, make sure you know whats going where and how its going to cook, and it shouldn’t take you “hours”. Also for future references. 1st time you cook something. Always expect it to fail. its a learning expirence. you’d be very lucky to get something tasting perfect the first time you cook it.. so just a few to taste test it. and try change it to the way you like it

  16. LucLeFou says:

    get real? how about you don’t get lazy!

  17. perdantasterx says:

    i like my yolks nice and solid :P i can’t wait to try these though

  18. Axehand says:

    Ravsterz Hours? That’s strange, it only took me 1/2 hour to get these ready. I thought they were delicious, nothing beats fresh cooked scotch eggs. If you prefer ready made supermarket stuff then these are probably not for you.

  19. rodatv says:

    try using a pin and poke a hole in the bottom, it might help

  20. uhkrye says:

    Do you put the eggs directly into boiling water? If so, then how do you stop them from cracking?

  21. Horationelson4ever says:

    @Ravsterz I made these, they did take a while to do but they were delicious when they were made and I’m definitely going to be making them again. I don’t really think that it’s Waitrose’s fault that your family doesn’t like them and I’m sure that they wouldn’t take nearly as long the second time