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Yummy Bitter Gourd Stuff Pork Recipe – Bitter Gourd Stuff Cooking – Cooking With Sros

Yummy Bitter Gourd Stuff Pork Recipe – Bitter Gourd Stuff Cooking – Cooking With Sros

Hi guys. What an adorable day today. I would serve you with yummy bitter gourd stuff pork recipe which I have cooked since I was a child. Enjoy.

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  1. Waaao Good

  2. Ugh i died when her little brother said its time to taste it. so cute

  3. Another wonderful cooking presentation! I have Sri Lankan friends here, & had the privilege of eating curried bitter gourd at their home. I wonder if they ever stuffed it. So, I will pass this on to them-maybe get myself another invite! 😊

  4. Il enjoy watching your channel all the time😻

  5. I like your cooking style. Great video what nationality are you ?

  6. Your lil brother is so cute 😍😍😍

  7. ah chong qun yong

    Hi Sros. Love your cooking! It looks yummy !

  8. Hey Sros does the bitterness reduce when you put it in boiling water coz when we make it we rub it with flour to reduce the bitterness . Looks nice 👍🏻

  9. Yummy 😋

  10. wooow very similar to an arabian dish

  11. Hi Sros.. who recorded while you doing the cooking? I am just curious.. 😝

  12. why always non-veg item,,, something try veg food…which are very healthy for our body…

  13. Starlight5 Ppg

    Mmm love bitter melon. Great video. I do my with shrimp, chicken or just vegetarian stuffing.

  14. I like bitter melon boil with chop meat yummy 😋 😋 😋

  15. Namita Hansepi

    Wow…!!! Looks yummy !!! Love you and your channel !!!

  16. cosette iniguez-isaacs

    Love all your recipes, I will definitely make this! Yummmmy….

  17. Looks really yummy with your lovely kid brother

  18. Looking si good and yummy!!

  19. soumya devadas

    i am Indian.our cooking style is entirely different from your style.but i like your channel and way your style….😍

  20. Rebecca Crabtrey

    Love your recipes ❤️

  21. Show nice ,sister you coxing

  22. Love your videos

  23. Konjengbam Ichathoi


  24. Mirtalin Engtipi

    I love pork…yumm yummmm

  25. Sharad Samuel Masih


  26. JeSsICa JEsJaY

    Yummy 😋

  27. Wow 😍😍😍😋😋 … I'll try tomorrow

  28. Prashant Bharti

    👌👌 Healthy food woooow .. 👌👌 I have two options to eat your yammi food Dear Sros❤ , First lurn cooking with you , Second Because I am not married or no any girlfriend just like you so Second is Marry with you ❤💞 Really 💞 First option is very hard for me I want second option 😍💞❤💞

  29. Valdi obrigedo ebom Silva


  30. I like your cooking style,, just using traditional method without electrical tools

  31. Ciara Anderson

    I love your channel!!! 😋 yummy!

  32. hi…. Ur food looks so yummy. wish i could taste

  33. Bungtit Lamkang

    Your recipe always makes me famish

  34. Christina Streithorst

    Making me hungry 😋

  35. I just had stir fry bitter gourd for lunch. Your's was creative and lovely😊

  36. Afridi Hossain

    Sros wow Nice food
    I like it🤗

  37. I’m early today , 😁!!!!!

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