In this video I’m sharing a week of vegan dinner ideas!
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a day in my life → https://youtu.be/x4anX8mDx0Q
3 vegan breakfast ideas → https://youtu.be/sg51-gP0wo8
pumpkin spice scones → https://youtu.be/4di3Oe7zADE

・ tools used in this video ・
grill pan* → http://amzn.to/2Axrm8x
my stand mixer → http://amzn.to/2zgrzf7
silicone pastry mat → http://amzn.to/2iRHgmv
air fryer → http://amzn.to/2Ai3Xda
rainbow whisk → http://amzn.to/2hV4Fmo
nonstick wok → http://amzn.to/2Ap7Gnf
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・ printable recipes ・
sweet potato peanut butter stew
jackfruit + chickpea “tuna” salad

・ about this video ・
filmed with canon t5i → http://amzn.to/2BlkD1u
edited with final cut pro x
music → “i found me” by lakey inspired


  1. This was heaps helpful, super easy great vegan meal ideas!

  2. I love that you let the music run at the end. Very peaceful. It gives time for the mind to assimilate what was just shared in the video, as opposed to abruptly finishing and rushing to the next one.

  3. I wish I could cook as well as you

  4. I look forward to your videos sooooo much! Highlight of the day when the notification shows up!

  5. BOMB ASS! All your hardwork totally shows – your videos are so easy to watch and totally inspiring 🙂

  6. Definitely making the "tuna" sandwich recipe

  7. Sarah, if you ever made a recipe book i will. Throw my money at you. You make vegan cooking so simple and delicious!! Its great because I don't have to break the bank with the ingredients you use.

  8. Uncooked canned tomatoes are actually more common on pizza than tomato sauce in traditional pizzerias because they cook at high heats that cooks the sauce with the toppings.  I'll stop commenting now.  Bye.

  9. that air fryer is neat!

  10. wonderful ideas, they looked amazing!

  11. Who says Californians can't make pizza?  That combination was really good.  I have to get some of those non-stick baking mats.  My life is not complete without them.  Do they absorb flavours?  I think you mentioned this in a previous video or should I just get one for sweet and one for savoury and never lose them for the rest of my life because they're magical.

  12. You always have tomato sauce when you got canned tomatoes girl.  Just saying.  Some garlic, olive oil, and Italian spices let it cook for a bit you're good to go.  If you want to be fancy you can make a sofrito by cooking some finely diced onion, carrot, and celery in olive oil or water (if you hate fun), add the garlic, tomatoes and let it cook.

  13. Although it's not as healthy, I love cooking with canned foods because it makes cooking so much easier and faster! I tend to forget about my fresh produce too… Glad I'm not alone lol

  14. YUMMY….thanks for sharing

  15. Tuna jackfruit! Love it

  16. Thanks for the ideas ! I'm gonna be so inspired for this week's grocery list haha
    I love your simplicity !

  17. Loves ur videos!!

  18. Southern Bushcraft

    You really need to publish a cookbook. Love you…

  19. that tofu butter chicken though… headed back to my parent's house tomorrow and definitely gonna give these a go now that I have lots of time off from work and school. Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  20. Sarah your videos make me so happy, especially in these gloomy winter months. Hands down my favourite youtuber, you deserve every ounce of success that makes its way to you.

  21. Hello Sarah..🌟🌟
    Thank you for sharing your delicious meals😘😘 .. Right about now it's time for pizza i havent had pizza in some time.. Have a great day❄❄

  22. Nooo! The cheese goes on top of the tomato sauce and under the toppings! That's how Italians make it.

  23. All of it looks very good !!

  24. Sarah, you are great.

  25. Good stuff!♡

  26. I love waking up to a notification for a new recipe video! I'm in love with this channel and all your recipes, Sarah❤

  27. Do u have recipe for pizza dough

  28. That chickpea mash sandwich. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten dude.

  29. Thank you for the ideas

  30. These all look amazing!

  31. OMG I wish we were friends. Love your videos. Can we have a meal prep video soon? Are you still doing those?

  32. Liv B is amazing! I follow her too.. She is so beautiful.. But.. I like you better ❤️

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