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We Tried Audrey Hepburn’s Personal Pasta Recipe

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  1. I was looking for another one of these. Thank you for making my day.

  2. I just commented on the previous video saying they had 7.8M now they have 7.9M subscribers I’m suprised

  3. Coct= cooking fact

  4. Why is Jared acting like a dick

  5. I put oil in the pasta water not to keep it from sticking, but to keep it from boiling over. I think it prevents the formation of bubbles.

  6. An Italian husband found to be cheating? Inconceivable!

  7. コンペイトー

    Every video with this blonde chick is the worst

  8. Elvis Presley – peanut butter and banana sandwich

  9. Had click because of Devin's shady expression in the thumbnail!

  10. Good premise but these two do not work together!

  11. lmao why was jared such a dick :/

  12. From now on when they ask me my name at Starbucks, I'm going to say "Angus McBean" or simply "McBean". It's more original than McLovin.

  13. Loved this! Looking forward to more! Maybe sophia loren?

  14. I do not like that guys attitude

  15. Devin never annoys me but she did in this video

  16. This video just didn’t work

  17. Crusssssty audio

  18. Yay I’m so glad this series is back, the cutest concept EVER

  19. It really doesn't seem like these two work well together. One is step-by-step, follow ALL the rules of cooking–no wiggle room allowed. And the other could care less about cooking. Lol

  20. Ladylike fan here. I actually feel really protective over Devin. Jared has such an attitude problem. Maybe hes better sticking to plain cooking videos so we dont have to watch him being nasty.

  21. no thanks, no "next episode" needed. This is kind of painful to watch, interesting-ish facts and a not so exciting recipe. The video was just all over the place and the duo is not the most interesting

  22. Does Adolf Hitler have a favorite recipe since we’re on the topic of history

  23. hahah 8:28 I LOVE the 30 Rock moment with the Rural Juror

  24. Those two need to get raped to death

  25. wow wow wow what
    she's half Dutch?

  26. It is so obvious these two do not like each other….maybe rethink the casting?

  27. james dean!

  28. How about replacing the girl with someone who actually knows the very basics of cooking? Or just leave Jared and have her voice-over the “facts”?

  29. She's entertaining; he's annoying.

  30. You had me at San Marzano, but lost me at the jarred garlic and parmaSEAN. I thought this was a cooking channel?

  31. Everybody’s coming for the guy when it’s her coming off way to strong and she’s not even funny. Actually, they’re both annoying. This was a terrible video.

  32. That Percy Jackson fan

    Omg who else knew that she was mentioned in Percy Jackson? They’re my favorite books 😍

  33. He was being so rude to her 🙄

  34. Stop making this happen. It’s not going to happen.

  35. He seamed kinda rude to me?

  36. That girl is so annoying ruined the video

  37. You used the wrong kind of celery

  38. Audrey Hepburn was a brave humanitarian and philanthropist as well as a beautiful icon and I love her

  39. Great draw!!!! And great cook

  40. Ratatouille?

  41. BossGamer AkaTheBeast

    Hello again ure videos are amazing gotta admit

  42. Bone apple teeth

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