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VEGAN SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS » healthy + easy (bento box)

Wholesome lunch ideas need not be complicated. I’ll share with you 3 healthy + easy + delicious lunch meals that also include an afternoon snack. Check out the links below for more information on some of the recipes shared. Enjoy! ☟click to show more☟

» PUL recipe “roasted garlic & red pepper hummus”: http://bit.ly/2g6XOZH-red-hummus
» PUL recipe “chocolate fudge brownie bites”: http://bit.ly/2zKLNRy-brownie-bites
» PUL recipe “brown rice & green bean miso salad”: http://bit.ly/2inWijM-rice-salad
» PUL recipe “one-bowl PB & chocolate oatmeal cookies”: http://bit.ly/2y3IAYG-cookies
» PUL recipe “classic garlic & lemon hummus”: http://bit.ly/2A7e3yq-classic-hummus
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❤ Sadia


  1. For those who have been asking, the bento boxes are from Monbento (I have not been sponsored by them to make these videos). You can find the bento boxes here: http://amzn.to/2vTgRbV

  2. I love this because in vegan

  3. Can u make a video on healthy dinner ideas??

  4. So, uhm, bento boxes look really helpful and conveinient, do you know if somone not related to japan (like a caucasion individual), would be aloud to use bento boxes? It is an od and saposidly rasicst question but i would not know if it would seem like an inconsideret action to use this useful item in my school, can anyone answer this, would me, a caucasion individual seem rude or off if i used this for lunch at school? Please answer!

  5. Hi! Really nice chanel, I just discovered it! Did you already find a wholewheat wrap in the Netherlands? I always buy those at jumbo or Albert Heijn. I live in the Netherlands myself 😉

  6. The game gamer gamer The Mario Gamer

    Suddenly… Pineapples

  7. Loved it so much

  8. Great job!

  9. I'm a fairly new vegan and I really like your videos so far. Very helpful. Thanx!

  10. Has anyone tried these recipes? Just curious

  11. David Peterson Harvey

    Marie Callendar is advertising turkey dinners when I start the video. That's rather ironic for them, isn't it? LOL!

  12. I was like hmm I wonder where this lady is from she’s so sweet… and then you said “about” and I was like oh ok!

  13. You're the Best, with great recipes, thank you!

  14. I found my fav YouTube channel 💜

  15. U look so simple and sweet

  16. I love your videos.I make "bentos" for family every morning.I'm going to use it as an reference.Thanks(^^)

  17. thanks for those meal ideas.
    I like to know what other sources of calcium are there besides soy, nut milk & broccoli for a plant based diet. I don't eat alot of those to begin with & like to know as many different calcium options as I can , plus their input into meal preps, its daily amount intake of such foods. A meal prep video with abundant calcium input for drinks, snacks & meals would be wonderful.

    And regarding an alternative to a flour tortilla for the delicious wrap, have you tried using the clear asian spring rolls skin/paper/wrappers ? And a asian dip to go with that?

  18. This is excellent thank you so much, I’m just worried about calories? Is there enough in here to sustain you throw out the day?

  19. how do you close it ?

  20. I love your channel! It inspires me to try more plant based recipes!

  21. I found your channel yesterday and I am already in love with you….I would like to be inspiring like you one day….and you are soo pretty…. can you do a hair care routine video….

  22. lays in bed eating Halloween candy I wish I had money for this

  23. I love your videos! Thank you for your tips. I’m just starting to transition into a vegan diet and these meal ideas look delicious! I can’t wait to try them!

  24. Dakota Gets Healthy

    What brand of bread do you use?

  25. The portions are way too small for lunch!! But still good ideas I just need a way bigger box

  26. V nice video..what did u add to the mashed lentils ..i couldn't get ..plz tell

  27. I like that you make short videos. Less talk and straight to the receipes. Can you please tell me what did you use to blend all the ingredients for the brownie bites? Thank you.

  28. Absolutely love these ideas. Thanks for sharing and keep sharing your simple food ideas 🙂

  29. I just discovered you this afternoon. Thank you!  I too am continually viewing your videos. I am thrilled to get to see such a wonderful, peaceful, helpful person in quality, easy to understand videos to assist me in my newfound eating alternative. I have been 100% plant based for two months now. Thank you for the beautiful presentation videos and valuable content. Great for you to have such a great channel! Continued success…thank you!

  30. OMG Sadia I love your videos and ideas.. I have been following you for only two days now and I have been watching a lot of your videos.. i love them all and i love that you don`t really make long introduction… i love the meals ideas, the minimalism ideas.. just love!!

  31. They all look sooo good! I have a question: you make recipes for afternoon snacks. Do you replace the dinner with afternoon snack, or is the dinner separate meal?

  32. As you told you are a nutritionist, I have a Harmon problem, Please make a video for diet plan to recover. This is my request, I'm a student and my age is 20

  33. Love this!

  34. i am so inspired by your channel, thank you.

  35. Superb

  36. Hi Sadia, I really like your recipes and your videos on youtube! I am making Nutella every week en telling everyone about pick up limes. I found you because I am really trying to make sense of all the information about food and choose the best food for me and my 11 month your old son.. (are you going to make a video about vegan baby food? 🙂 )
    But I also see some contradicting information.. When I watched the interview of Lewis Howes with former heart surgeon Dr Steven Gundry.
    He was talking about Lectins.. that they are extremely unhealthy and they are also a lot in peanut butter. Based on your lunch for kids I gave my baby bread with peanut butter, but now I am not sure about it anymore. Because the peanut is actually not a nut but a bean and contains a lot of lectins. Could you give me your insights on how to handle all of this information?

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