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Vegan Rice Cooker Meals: Pasta and Spanish Rice | #SSVHealthy2018

Today we are showing you two hearty vegan recipes that you can make in a rice cooker! Both are easy to make, delicious AND budget-friendly!

⋇ Spanish Rice & Beans: http://bit.ly/SSV-Spanish-Rice
⋇ Hearty Rice Cooker Pasta w/ Lentils: http://bit.ly/SSV-Rice-Cooker-Pasta
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⋇ Rice Cooker Oatmeal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoNY6T2swSE
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  1. More rice cooker recipes, please! It is so hard to be creative with a rice cooker and hard to know what settings to use for certain ingredients, when to add them, etc. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just finished binge watching all your videos over the last month and I love how your channel has evolved. You guys have so many cool original recipe ideas that I don’t usually see on other channels. Thanks for making all your videos!

  3. i wrote this poem called Through Our Eyes and I would love if you read it!

    Born into the same world, birthed by our mothers
    We deserved to be treated just like the others.

    We do what we can to avoid your ways and survive,
    But you still treat us cruelly, killing to capitalize

    Abusing your power in the so-called “food chain”
    You humans misuse us, in ways so inhumane

    Insane acts of violence due to your “culture”
    Blood on your hands, sending us to the slaughter

    If we could speak, we’d charge you for murder
    Our lives mean nothing to you, we’re no more than a burger

    We’re all just experiments to your cosmetic testing
    Feeding your egos with vanity, superficial investing

    We fill your homes with fur, suede, leather, wool
    Cannibals stuffing their bellies til they’re full

    Some speak out, but no one seems to listen
    The industry sits back and laughs, filling with frisson

    You don’t realize the atrocity, have you no compassion?
    Cover your ears, close your eyes, hiding from the fashion

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    While the rest of us are no more than your everyday supper

    Come and see for yourself, how life is through our eyes
    Stop being so blind, listen to us and quit believing the lies

  4. These recipes are the BOMB!!!!! Hope that you feel better soon!!!

  5. Yessss more rice cooker recipes

  6. Looks So Yammy ❤️

  7. A little while back I made a mushroom stroganoff with pasta in the instant pot. It also work perfectly.

  8. you guys kill it every time!!! looks so damn good and i always get a yummy turn out even if i have to modify a litto

  9. Brittany Santilli

    Do you think these would work in an instant pot?

  10. Yes more rice cooker recipes!🙌🏻

  11. Love how the video is short & simple. Thanks for this. I will be making it.

  12. Hope you both feel better soon! Thanks for the awesome recipes xxx

  13. I just made the rice it was so good! Thanks for the recipe

  14. I hope you two get well soon! It always sucks to be sick. Damn though, both these are in my future! I ❤ your channel!

  15. Yes more recipes like these ones…Hope you feel better soon

  16. I love when Sir makes an appearance❤

  17. The infomercial (set it and forget it) was for the Rotisserie – I think it was Ronco – I had one, 20 years ago, wore it out 🙂

  18. This is great and more please! I’m making the rice for dinner right now! Thanks!! ✌🏻

  19. What's your suggestion for a rice cooker that's old school and has zero settings haha mine has an on and off button. Do you think it would still work? Or maybe more liquid might be needed? Thanks!

  20. earthwindandyeezy

    more rice cooker meals!

  21. Ronco Showtime Rotisserie & BBQ!!! That's the infomercial!

  22. Yum!!!! Thank you. My kind of meal with kids😍

  23. Definitely would like to see more rice cooker recipes. What make/model are you using?

  24. That is awesome ideas! Please make more!

  25. Amazing video as always! I cant wait to make this super simple dinner:)

  26. Good stuff! Get well soon! I’m fighting a cold as well.

  27. Please call me Kim

    Feel better soon! Hopefully Berry kissed you back to health!

  28. I hope that you'll feel better fast! I love your videos! BTW! I love lentils with pasta too!
    And I can make a really tasty cottage pie with lentils… Yum!

  29. Awww hope you both feel better fast!!!! Those look yummy! Going to have to try them!

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