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VEGAN LUNCH IDEAS – Easy & Healthy – Nina and Randa

Today we show you vegan lunch ideas. All these recipes are low fat, easy to make, healthy, and delcious. They help keep us fit, and they are great to take to school and work. -Nina and Randa aka The Vegan Twins ♥♥♥ LIV’S VIDEO: http://bit.ly/2hG9NfI ♥♥ SUBSCRIBE TO LIV: http://bit.ly/2hLjTw1

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  1. How do you chop your onions so nicely?

  2. never knew a video could annoy me this much ahaha

  3. What beans were those??

  4. Love the dish ideas! I have been vegan for 3 years, but sadly not in a healthy way. I indulge too much on vegan junk and just recently started to change my lifestyle. I am working hard to eat a whole foods plant based diet and cut out the junk in order to get healthy. Your videos are great inspiration! <3

  5. I love u guys but tbh u need to have some fat in your body it almost seems like you have an eating disorder

  6. Twenty one ubiquitous fallout dragons At the disco

    The ad was for a ribs and steak place 😂

  7. I love this video! Thanks guys make more like this!

  8. Mermaid pooper!

  9. Ugh I really want to go vegan but like my mom thinks I'm not gonna be able to get enough protein but she just doesn't understand:(

  10. Please understand, I love your recipes, but I use oil because water just steams it

  11. I'm here from livs channel

  12. I just became vegan not to long ago and I can't find good recipes so thanks for making this video all the foods look delicious

  13. mermaid poop

  14. are these tips good 8 tips to lose weight
    Tip.1 ​Try to cut oil on cooking it's best to use water it
    works the same it will help you alot .
    Tip.2 ​ try to sneak some vegetables in your meals
    Tip.3 ​stay hydrated with lots of water
    Tip.4 ​ do not count calories or constantly weigh yourself
    Tip.5 ​ don't lose time for sleep
    Tip.6 ​ if you like to spread butter on your toast try using
    avocado instead
    Tip.7​ ​ don't eat fake foods like butter,chocolates,cakes
    it's best to make it homemade so you know what you're
    Tip.8 ​if you feel like you want a small snack eat fruits .

  15. I made your food and I loved it thank u

  16. Pink Crystal Hippie

    That coconut curry would be delicious cooled down and put in a wrap with some romaine lettuce and hummus! Would be great for school, college or work!

  17. Melissa Brandenburg

    Don't use a microwave!!! It kills all nutrition:(

  18. Mermaid pooper

  19. Wow. Yum!

  20. you guys like beans

  21. Made the coconut curry dish. Yummy!! Used fresh ginger, coconut milk and left out the nutritional yeast because it was already thick.Will definitely make this again:)

  22. I desperately want to got vegan. I'm 18 year old 187 lbs (5'9) and I'm so sick of being overweight,tired, sugar addicted, and sleep deprived. I tried going vegan at 16 but I only lasted two months,( I was only eating vegan snacks and frozen meals so I can understand why my body didn't change) I have no support from my family they all eat meat. I don't know where to start or how to cook or what I should eat but I'd be willing to be a vegan for the rest of my life if someone would help me.

  23. have you guys tried an air fryer?

  24. mermaid pooper

  25. If your trying to save the animals, why are you eating all of their food. Plus, your not saving animals, they still kill them.

  26. Just a piece of advice, you guys should try and use less of canned and preserved ingredients. The chemicals that go into it ruin the effort that you are putting in towards eating healthy.

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