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Veg Salad Recipe | Quick and Healthy Vegetable Salad | Veggie Salad Recipe by Grandpa

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Veg Salad Recipe | Quick and Healthy Vegetable Salad | Veggie Salad Recipe by Grandpa

Veg Salad Recipe | Quick and Healthy Vegetable Salad | Veggie Salad Recipe by Grandpa


  1. make mutton haleem for ramadan

  2. Oh my god finally you wear gloves


  4. Fan việt nam og có k

  5. What you doing is amazing for the kíds and they will be full every singel day and you earn more then 1.9 mil sub

  6. Hi grandpa kitchen team. One more time feeding the kids. GOD BLESS YOU ALL IN THE NAME OF LORD JESUS

  7. Nathália Alcântara

    Meu sonho era provar suas comidas. Parecem ser deliciosas. Parabéns pelo seu trabalho. Beijos!

  8. Uncle grandpa😆

  9. Huỳnh Công Nhật

    Cháu thay mặt người VN cảm ơn bác bác là người r tốt bụng luôn giúp đỡ người nghèo cháu rất ngưỡng mộ bác

  10. syporatata Vydron

    يا فاطر رمضان

  11. I honestly love him so much, he puts time and effort into every dish he makes, and not just for himself or YouTube but for the village he lives in. He's such a beautiful man and he just brings such worth memories to me, Love you grandpa ❤

  12. Jack En Poy yeah

    It looks so delicious… God bless grandpa 😊

  13. This is the only person that I support 100% sponsoring his videos!!! I in fact love seeing sponsored videos from grandpa because I know he is being recognized and paid ❤️

  14. I love love love seeing how much passion Grand Father puts in preparing food. And when it comes to the children eating, I feel tears in my eyes….moment of pure joy

  15. Grandpa please rule the world i belive world will better

  16. Make a sweet dish to share with the Muslim community for Ramazan.

  17. Broccoli🤢🤮🤮

  18. The original grandpa. He cooks and shows us how to do it step by step! Awesome🌈🤗❤️👏🏾👏

  19. Looks delicious!!!

  20. Hello,how old is Grandpa?

  21. نعومة ملكة

    شكرا لكم
    انت انسان طيب
    جزاك الله خيراااااا

  22. I love this channel. That satisfaction after they cook n gave to the needy. Major respect! My god bless u all

  23. Grandpa looks dapper today 💛

  24. Asmr ❤️😌

  25. Amazing, spending his time doing what he loves and helping these children, respect man


    Grandpa I am 13 years old you are like my grandpa .SO GRANDPA JUST TELL ME ARE YOU FROM SOUTH INDIA ??????

  27. สุพิชญา แก้วกำเหนิด

    Let's go to 2 million subscribers grandpa💕

  28. Beautiful land. Beautiful food. Beautiful children. Beautiful Grampa.

  29. Everyone is wearing gloves, popularity will kill this channel!

  30. The koenigsegg One:1

    This is very heart warming,you have the food and share it with the adults and children that are starving and don’t have the food keep it up,start a restaurant

  31. seifeddin fatah

    I can wipe my ass with your food

  32. seifeddin fatah

    You eating is shit i must a make kaka

  33. Hi guys (it is ONLY a hypotesis)
    I feel like it's complete manipulation, they go in the nature even though i bet they have a kitchen (since they can afford decent quality knives, ustensils, High quality camera, a good computer to edit. …) in each vids u can clearly see that the "starving children" are not skinny and they have brand new clothes and cristal clear glasses
    They might give them food and in exchange they have to smile for the video
    I see so many people saying that "grandpa" is a gr8 man but he and his son(s) are just in it for the money

  34. TheMagicCheezDoodle

    It truly is emotional knowing that in this dark abyss of existence there exists a world which is even darker in nature, yet within those dark plains there exists a heart of purity emitting light that shines so bright it warms the hearts of others. This man and his son does the world wonders by themselves and impacts the lives of many. There is a lesson to be learned that one person can make a difference.

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