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WELCOME BEC to the stage for her first easy vegan recipe on this week’s FREESTYLE FRIDAY! She whips up her staple soup for us: gnocchi tomato soup with italian sausage and spinach…. DELISH!

Trying her recipe?!


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► Diced Tomatoes
► Vegetable Broth
► Onion
► Garlic
► Salt & Pepper
► Plant Based Italian Sausage (Gusto or Field Roast)
► Fresh Basil
► Spinach
► Gnocchi

Becca here — would love to get your feedback on my first ever Freestyle Friday episode! If you guys have any suggestions for vegan recipes you’d like to see me whip up… let me know in the comments below…

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  1. All I had to do is search Rebecca on IG and yours popped up first

  2. This looks DELICIOUS 😍 Can't wait to try the recipe!

  3. Love the intros

  4. HEY, AH…..How about cameraman cuts the chatter and gets off insta and does his job. Oh, and, buys a razor too….LOL!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. 🎼🎵 Freestyle Friday yah yah!! 🎶 Oh this one's a keeper yummmm!

  6. ooh, that soup looks like it would be even better the second day…. If it lasts that long

  7. I’m all about burning my mouth on soup/ hot beverages 😂 everyone thinks I’m crazy! This looks delicious I’m for sure gonna try it! 🙈💚

  8. Bec! Look at you whipping up a nasty!

  9. Going to make it bec! My kids love gnocchi… so let’s see! I will add ya on insta👋🏼

  10. Mmmmm yummy 😍 Well done Bec 😃 You & Eamon are like 2 peas in a pod love you guys 😁

  11. Corinne Clarke

    2nd comment that soup looks Fire I'm getting the stuff this week and smashing down on it to bad I didn't get the video before my trip to the store I so would of made it tonight. THANKS FOR THE RECIPE. LOVE YOU GUYS

  12. Colleen Longardner

    Love FREESTYLE FRIDAYS, nice to see Bec as chef of the day. One caveat though, if you want to keep your knives sharp, don't cut on glass anything. Quick way to dull them.

  13. Bec is saying gnocchi more correctly than aemon. I got straight up laughed at for saying "nokey" in Italy. It's more like NYO-kie

  14. nature collector

    Lovin Bec on the Freestyle!!! So adorbs!!! Crushin it!!!

    PS powdered veg stock is a #vanlife dream!! Delicious stock and easy storage. They make AWESOME vegan choices!! Also makes the best ramen/garlic noodles with coconut oil. Straight back to childhood style. #freestylin

  15. Michele Davenport

    You did a great Rebecca. Loved it so much. Your a natural❤️ I’m going to try this soup for sure.

  16. Corinne Clarke

    Gonna reply before watching cause I love the videos before they even play. Love you guys Thank you for everything you do. Hi Bob

  17. Colette Doerschuk-Tiberi

    Looks so good!! Thanks! Is it just me or do others have issues digesting items like soy sausage? It seems like my body doesn't handle the processed items too well. Would I be missing out on a lot of flavor if I replaced the field roast with beans?

  18. Definitely make this ASAP 🌚

  19. YAAS QUEEEEN!! Bec, you KILLED that rap! 😂😂😂 noice 👍

  20. You guys should try gluten free / vegan recipes 💛💛💛

  21. Jessica OReilly

    I loved this episode with Bec! Yes, you are a messy cook. 🤣Great looking recipe 👩‍🍳. Flavor flav reminds me of a rapper with a big clock around his neck.⏱

  22. Jessykaromano18

    I can't wait to try this recipe out! Nice seein ya in front of the camera for freestyle friday bec! 🙂 Can't wait for the next!! <3

  23. michele vitarelli

    thanks for the entertainment.

  24. Michelle McLaughlin

    Bec!!!! That was awesome!!!! Loved it! You did fantastic! Recipe looks so good! My Friday just got way better!

  25. Soraya Abdul-Aliyy

    Yeaaaaaa Becs!!!!!! & shout to the knife from that garage sale.

  26. Low-key Gnocchi 🙂

  27. abby helsel zielinski

    Yay!!! Bec you killed it! Looking forward to every Friday forever haha!! I’ve been loving these vids I’m a new-ish vegan and these recipes have been great idea starters for me 😊

  28. Do you add almond milk to your chai tea?

  29. I've gotta try this, sounds so yummy. Love getting Vlogs everyday, too.

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