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Traditional Indian Breakfast making on Hot Tawa | Indian Recipes from a Village

Making Indian Breakfast outdoor in an open field with fresh veggies and serving it with Masala Chai or Tea. Indian Food Recipes are simple and delicious in taste.
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  1. the statements in this video must be directed towards constant negative back/lash from others I can definitely relate to your frustration from being attacked your videos are extremely good keep it up !!!!!!!

  2. કૂવા નું પાણી આજના જમાનામાં સૌથી ચોખ્ખું છે, એવું વૈજ્ઞાનિકો સાબિત કરી ચુક્યા છે. નિકુંજભાઈ તમારે કોઈ ને સફાઇ આપવાની જરૂર નથી. અને જે વાતાવરણ ખેતરમાં હોય છે એ બીજી બધી જગ્યા કરતા ચોખ્ખુ હોય છે.

  3. Love watching your videos…I learn a lot and they are therapeutic 😊thanks

  4. Aap rehte kaha par Ho bhai

  5. Aap ki garden dekhne m hi itni sunder hai to khana to buhat hi tasty hoga

  6. Best vegetarian food,village videos.I love the way you collect vegetables from your farm and cook Desi food. The food recipes are great.It remember's me of my village,wish even in the cities we could get fresh vegetables.The vendors here cheat the costumers , they give bad quality ,unfresh vegetables for high price. Specially these leafy vegetables are grown by these local bhaiyas near railway line using water from gutter. Again thank you for showing such beautiful farms ,tasty recipes and my best wishes to you .

  7. Bol do khuc bhai

  8. Aap bahut hi lucky ho aur ye videos bahut hi sundar Hain 😊 tq for making such videos and u deserve a million views 👍
    ye videos therapeutic Hain 😇

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  10. Алла Михаловская

    очень просто и легко приготовить. спасибо за вкусное видео!

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  18. Please upload video regarding to harvest fresh garlic n onion ..we r very curious to see that .

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  20. Proud to be Indian

    Bahut bhadiya bhai. Apki wife bacche bahut lucky honge. Unko itna accha chef milega.

  21. That background voices of birds… 💕💕❤️💕

  22. Money brings Attitude.

  23. Those dislikers i guranteed they frozen food eaters.

  24. Fresh foood with fresh ingrediants. Thanks Nikunjbhai. Jai Garvi Gujarat. Jai Hind.

  25. Also the dishes prepared with fresh green tuvar seeds…the speciality of the state

  26. So the people who gave it thumbs down, what did you not like about this? Only the lucky few can live a life like this.

  27. Nice reply to everyone who are constantly nagging about cleanliness

  28. Village Food Life

    Delicious Breakfast. I love this different test Dosa.

  29. Sir aapko safai dene ki jarurat nhi logo k bkwas par…..Unse puchiye khud k kitchen me gloves phente kya….Ur r fav chef 👌👌

  30. Ur lines are awesome sir..

  31. Nice video. Also, good to know more about you and where you are located. Curious, why do you wear YouTube t-shirt? Subscribed to  your videos today. Keep up the good work.

  32. village and street food around channel

    Chutiya skl bkchod hy km se km kam toh dhng ka kr le bhosdi ki

  33. Arnab Kumar Halder

    dont listen to any one brother what you are doiung is awsoum……..you are showing the great thing on youtube…..and i did it from -1…ha ha ha hhhhaahhahahahahah….(jokes apart)…haha

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  35. Show us the handvo recipe..

  36. How can you be pulled down..when everyone is looking up to you…
    Keep doing the good work….
    All are with you…
    Love Gujarat and the wonderful Gujurati food..👍👍👍

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