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Tender, Flaky Salmon Filets with Sous Vide

Never overcook salmon again! With our simple sous vide recipe, your fish will come out flawless every time. chfstps.co/2iaFJF4

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  1. Still learning about this . . . I thought oil pulls the flavor out of meat > ??

  2. Just made the salmon today and OH MY DAMN!!!

  3. We are now not only saving food in plastic but also cooking in it…

  4. So sous vide, sear then the smoking gun for that smoky flavor.

    Killed me

  6. Samuel _lovehockey88

    I made this for supper but I didn't have time to use my sous vide machine because I had homework but gonna make it sous vide another day

  7. looks effing gross! no real chef would use this!

  8. Desomorphine Angloensis

    this guy is cool

  9. Mama D Does Dinner

    Great info, but that stash…

  10. 🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

  11. Watching chefs steps for a bit of knowledge about cooking and plating. Not against their cooking techniques because i know that these guys can actually cook in a traditional way. It's just they're using their knowledge to promote joule. Nothing wrong with it though.

  12. Hello Grant, can you freeze these meals after cooking to enjoy later? I love these videos and recipes! Thanks!!

  13. Hey Hey Hey! the fish is already dead, there is no need to drown it in all that olive oil you donkey!

    ~Gordon Ramsay!

  14. I would pay good money to see a collab with this guy and sorted food.

  15. it's really good.

  16. Muhammet Melik Kölgesiz

    @ChefSteps, we want international version of Joule 🙁 I'm still waiting to buy it. When will it release?

  17. Sme Gay Doodz fucked me up

    damn that presentation

  18. Note: do use a non-stick pan. I tried to use my carbon steel pan, and even though there was plenty of fat in the pan, getting the fish to detach from the pan was near impossible. I'm trying to eliminate all use of non-stick pans, but it does seem there's a need time and again for one.

  19. Sockeye would be great at 104°F

  20. is it just me or does parsley taste like soap

  21. I see most are complaining about the sous vide advertisement but I think the way he explains things bothers me more and is the real concern. A little bit of oil really means cover the dam thing in as much oil as you can. And he really has to stop telling people to heat their teflon pans to "rippin hot"

  22. Preizler-Initiative

    Recommending adding a little oil. Adds all the oil.

  23. Where do you buy the plates used for this salmon dish?

  24. Leslie, I found another use for Salgur!!

  25. I'm hungry again

  26. If you were planing to vacuum seal the fish to freeze for later meals, would you do the whole salt/sugar/icebath before freezing? Also, how come you guys use metric measurements for weight and volume, but always give your temperatures in Fahrenheit?

  27. "I'm gonna add a liiittle bit of oil…"
    empties bottle inside the bag

  28. Watching ChefSteps channel and complaining about ChefSteps using and advertising their own product. People feel so damn entitled…

  29. The best choice I made for cooking at home. I cook all day at work so I don't want too much hassle when I come home. Yes it looks like I'm advertising but I give props where props are due. Sous vide had me skeptical at first but I am all in when I saw what it can actually do. Thank you Chefsteps.

  30. Dependable sous vide used to be prohibitively expensive. ChefSteps makes sous vide affordable, easy-to-do and stylish with the Joule. People complain it's not for the average person. I bought a $1000 Polyscience immersion circulator almost a decade ago and sacrificed buying other things. It still works perfectly today.

    To all the negative people: Go flush your iPhones down the toilet for me as a favor because you are the type of people who want mobile phones to keep selling for $4000 each and only be able to make calls. How about we delete IBM, Apple and Microsoft from history and stick to the room-sized computers of the past?

  31. Is there a app for android version?

  32. Samon

  33. I love this dude!

  34. you can tell they're really trying to create a standard format for their joule commercials/ recipes, it's the same intro these days… same dish in each vid with different meats and salad/puree bases. What happened to your creativity guys?

  35. Try using cold pressed pumpkin seed oil and white wine vinegar in kidney bean salad.

  36. I like this please continue this series of easy home cooked meals

  37. hi, can you guys do some more cooking vids without joule coz i dont have one yet but i am saving up for one 🙂 thankss

  38. where do i get plates and bowls like those?

  39. I really love how they make such a fancy cuisine but with a very easy steps, and looks absolutely amazing

  40. I have a Joule,, it's so awesome!

  41. So pretty much this channel has fallen. I remember when you gave tips and tricks and not only made Joule commercials…. This is getting boring and you are losing the fun in your channel…. I'm tired of this and its not a good channel anymore since you ruined it with your stupid commercial

  42. Kristoffer Nielsen

    What plates are those :O?


  44. please make a cinnamon bun recipe

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