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Spicy Keto Chorizo Dip | Low Carb Appetizer

Spicy Keto Chorizo Dip | Low Carb Appetizer
Recipe: https://bit.ly/2Lctp65
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Spicy Keto Chorizo Dip | Low Carb Appetizer
Spicy Keto Chorizo Dip | Low Carb Appetizer

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  1. Onebadass Pimpadero

    Ketocon ticket giveaway?

  2. Megha's so naturally pretty. 🙃

  3. I'm gonna kill myself

  4. Keto connect group is mean they boot everyone that's trying to have a good time

  5. Steve Richmond

    I notice you use shredded cheese. Please read the label carefully, .as I have found many of the pre shredded cheeses contain a starch to prevent clumping.

  6. Greg Valentine

    What spices have carbs?

  7. Macros?

  8. Mama Bird? Are you preggo?

  9. I make this as a dinner with bite size cauliflower, chozori, green and red bell peppers, onions, and cheese. I might try adding the cream cheese and sour cream. Thanks

  10. ❤ Julius

  11. Maria Katharine

    [Insert] Heavy Breathing Cat Meme 🐱

  12. So Megha doesn't even look close to pregnant but am I the only one who noticed the "our family" comment at the end of the crab cake video yesterdsy and her mama bird shirt today?! Maybe I'm grasping at thin air buuuuuut maybe not?

  13. Dragoi Ciprian

    that f#@k in the background when opening the oven tho… my dog is always with his nose in the oven also . great recipe !

  14. This looks so tasty! Definitely trying this soon. I love the Julius shots. Is he the vacuum cleaner?

  15. I love that the dog is just as enamored with the melting cheese as I was. So cute! Looks Yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  16. No worries, Megha. My favorite meals are also one skillet, mixed together, "slop"! I too must have been a pig in a past life. 🐷

  17. You guys were mentioned in a Chef John's newest video btw

  18. I’ve been Keto-ing since April 2 I’ve lost almost 33 lbs been tracking my ketones now all the sudden meter reads low for three days now and I’m still super low carbs never go over 20 rarely go over protein or fats SOOOOOO what gives ???

  19. Oh wow looks amazing is this quick easy recipe also in your Cook book?

  20. love the shirt

  21. this looks sooo good! although you uploaded over an hour before i break my fast 😫

  22. Thanks for the recipie! Megha, you look so fit! I LOVE slop meals too, so delicious and flavorful.

  23. MamaLynns HouseofLightandFreedom

    That's crazy. I took chorizo out of my freezer to make chorizo and eggs tonight for dinner and I don't really know what to make with it but I can make this instead and boom full meal!

  24. 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  25. douglas carpenter

    A lot of the recipes right now I am trying to keep my keto as simple as possible. Having so many different ingredients in the house just causes issues I'd rather not deal with. When I get my weight down to my goal then I would be more inclined to try all of your wonderful recipes.

  26. Jonathan Carrion

    Wanna bang megha

  27. (*Julius smells the sizzling chorizo*) "Why do you torture me, woman!)

  28. Great recipe, GREAT shirt!!

  29. I love your recipes❤️

  30. Nice and simple

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