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Spiced Pork Chop with Sweet Potato Mash – Gordon Ramsay

Using a moist and tender cut of pork, marinade it in chilli, paprika, coriander seeds, star anise, garlic and thyme. The sweet potato mash with garlic and shallots is the perfect accompaniment. Mouth watering.
From Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word
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  1. The cameraman who thinks he is a sniper is back

  2. Too fast! More information needed. If you want to teach people, do it properly. We're not all chefs, but we are trying to learn.

  3. It looks so delicious .. I nearly ate my phone

  4. more zooming please i cant see sh*t

  5. Alexander Philippou

    I love you Gordon! This dish is amazing, my girl loved it 👌

  6. Yankeesfan10234

    Watch this on 2X speed let me know what you think

  7. Félix Archambault

    sweet potato one of the nastiest thing that ever existed…

  8. Olovol everything

  9. Wish i had that instead of the crap I just ate…

  10. The editing of these videos are horrendous 😂

  11. fuck you

  12. Thank you ! 🌺🌹🌸🌷

  13. Solt. Peppa. Mix.

  14. So useful. No amounts whatsoever. “Pork chops” into the pan. No shit Sherlock where the fuck else will u put it.

  15. Why the does this shit have to be so complicated? Like, I wouldn’t even know where to buy this shit

  16. Porkchop, olive oil, salt, olive oil, blackpepper, olive oil, heat, olive oil, pan, olive oil, both sides, olive oil, owen, olive oil, 8min, olive oil, sweet potatoes, olive oil, mash, olive oil, done, olive oil… xDD Gordon loves that shit. I bet when he fucks her wife he goes like: Wife, Olive oil, Done.

  17. Lehnsherr Eric

    Those jump cuts damn

  18. I needed a mashed sweet potato dish. This one delivered. I was happy to have a change from roasted potatoes. Thank you from Connecticut .

  19. the way he says shallots. i love

  20. Master chef: "you can't put a RAW flower into a mashed potatoes"
    Here: "let's chop some RAW coriander and put it with sweet potatoes"

  21. Penis out.
    Olive oil on.
    Soult and peppah.
    Throw it in..
    wait what??

  22. I cant be full with that but i can be but in fancy restaurants

  23. Trousers..down window open, phone on, toilet paper silk, easier on crack, shit, wipe, flush. Gordon taking a shit

  24. Watercress salad on a side would be nice

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