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Southern Fried Pork Chops – Pork Chop Recipe

Southern Fried Pork Chops, such a classic Southern and Soul Food delicacy! Crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside. These pork chops are double dipped in a perfectly seasoned flour and then fried to crispy golden brown perfection.

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“Broken Reality” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. Google safe temp for southern fried pork chops
    In a 12-inch heavy skillet heat 2 tablespoons olive oil or canola oil over medium-high heat. Cook chops 3 to 4 minutes per side, until golden brown on the outside with just a trace of pink inside (145 degrees F with an instant-read thermometer

  2. Pre season the porkchops man I dont know what to tell you 😅
    The crisp is seasoned but its best when the whole thing is seasoned so you get more flavor.
    I know people will ask if you season the pork all the way will it be dry when you cook it the answer is no, pro cheifs season the porkchop and flour for a reason. 😅

  3. Seth Rogen..You fry them porkchops..

  4. Wait were those pork chops pink inside? No thanks I'll pass!!

  5. theys nasty

  6. Damn good chops Bro!

  7. Buccaneer's Reef

    Yummy! One of my favorite meals of all time as well!

  8. Made these tonight…they were so good and tender. OMG… U are the GOAT

  9. Raymond Stemmer

    What if you want to pork her daughter ! Then chop her up !

  10. Still raw!

  11. Theria Williams

    They look horrible

  12. you should start making videos of sandwiches it's getting summer and you know there is more than one way of fixing hamburgers and hotdogs it would make a great series.

  13. this chop makes a delicious sandwich also… remove bone of course

  14. They are not cooked all the way. The inside is pink and there is blood on the plate

  15. michael stradley

    Always with your hands!

  16. Crystal Dickerson


  17. 💯💯💯!!! THANKS!!!

  18. rosalyn porcioncula

    two thumbs up!

  19. :30 “Whipping 4 eggs like they stole my lunch money.” Thumbs up just for that line. However, the recipe sounds good but the chops looked a little pink for my taste.

  20. oh come on people those pork chops dont even get to an inch thick, of course its well done. But if you want it dry and tough go ahead and burn it

  21. Uncooked pork might contain a worm that can cause death. I learned that in a place called school a long time ago. Amazing.

  22. Diamond in the rough Reptiles

    I followed directions on not using paper towels and cooking till golden but my pork chops weren’t very crispy at all, have any tips I can use to improve?

  23. kids place on channel 9

    I used to only bang southern women.

  24. SoulCandy AlmaDulce

    LoveLoveLove the simplicity of this recipe, you are appreciated.

  25. Used this process and came out perfect!

  26. Elefterios Makis

    absolutely disgusting that shit isn't cooked. this guy must be retarded or something

  27. Elefterios Makis

    there is no way it's cooked dude i can see the red through the breading

  28. I'm from Georgia and I love this 😂😂🙌

  29. Did a good job, only thing I would add is season the pork chop also. Just another layer of flavor

  30. To all of the ignoramuses out there…..It's been many years in the US that pork does not need to be cooked all the way through. Not even close. Why not do some research before commenting? Freaking idiots.

  31. Thanks !

  32. couldn't do the 'wet hand dry hand' method cuz you aint got a camera man

  33. V'Veldess Ingram II

    Just finished this recipe and it was great 👍🏾 also added old bay to the egg wash

  34. Project StuntMan

    Beat the eggs like they stole my lunch money, hehe best sentence ever

  35. Put some newspapers under that rack when they drain.

  36. Thanks! Nice vid.

  37. Made these tonight. Came out perfect! The family loved them. Used your timing and, no, they were NOT RAW. They were perfectly cooked, moist and tender.

  38. That is pink inside not done….

  39. id rathr drink da grezzeee and screw your hardup wife

  40. No offense but this is not Southern cuz MOST Southern people make sure it's cooked all the way hun u have to let the meat be white looking on the inside still can be juicy and tender just saying not being mean or nothing hun and Oh they definitely looked nice on the OUTSIDE LOL☺

  41. Pork should be fully cooked

  42. Queenie J J Swift

    I dont have seasoning salt😕 whats the other option?

  43. Nice tutorial on making southern fried chops, I might add an extra min on each side on mine tho 😉

  44. Looks good to me…

  45. That shit looks nasty. And the color is lacking and it looks soggy. Yuck!

  46. Dude mine didnt have bone and they came out excellent..

  47. Are you crazy?! Raw pork will make you sick

  48. Your pork chop looks pink and raw in the middle disgusting

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