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Sauteed Veggies Appetizer Recipe – Perets – Heghineh Cooking Show

Sauteed Veggies Appetizer Recipe by Heghineh http://heghineh.com/sauteed-veggies-perets/
Simple appetizer called Perets, made with sauteed veggies, such as carrots and peppers. The name means pepper in Russian . Can’t tell , why the appetizer got the name, but some say it’s after an imported canned food that was quite similar to this , except it was made with bell peppers stuffed with sauteed carrots



    My favorite appetizer .

  2. brainiacdumdum Last

    so glad u are back you are so patient with the kids and kitchen is beautiful YUM

  3. Allison Butler

    Sun glasses. ????

  4. Allison Butler

    Just love you ???

  5. Anna Hovhannisyan

    it's so easy ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love how much positive feedback you get from us, Heghineh. Your channel is full of love. Yeaha!

  7. Arqa has a new hair cut! Looks really good! So fresh and clean and handsome. Love it.

  8. You have a very unique cooking channel, because you have your son cooking with you. Very interacting. Love it!

  9. Gohar Kupalyan

    Arka is such an awesome boy ? god bless

  10. Sylvia Noack-Cigna

    ????????hmmmmmm very very good

  11. ??????????????????????????????????ti super

  12. What a cool big helper you have so cute, you should make clothing haul love your style and please make more family vlogs.

  13. Awww he's so adorable! He reminds me of my nephew Mason, looks and acts the exact same way! Loves to cook too!

  14. Mary Henderson

    The boys are so big. It is so much fun to watch you all.

  15. excellent dish, thank you

  16. Yummy! And bravo Arka, you are the best helper!! ?

  17. I miss watching this show. I love all the recipes and healthy cooking.

  18. Your helper is adorable?

  19. you're all look lovely everything around you looks lovely and beautiful ☺i cook the same dish sometimes i also add garlic tomato and fried eggplant.

  20. Hahaha Arqa is so cute and handsome with this new haircut and sunglasses, awww our little boy gets big?❤

  21. Omg! I love your son ? he is so adorable. Your new kitchen looks great by the way ?? I look forward to more of your videos (with your helper of course!)

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