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Salmon with Mustard Sauce Recipe

Recipe: http://lidiasitaly.com/recipes/salmon-with-mustard-sauce/


  1. Such a good recipe.

  2. Please continue to make more cooking videos, love all of it!

  3. the skin is the best part

  4. Love this Salmon recipe. Where can I get that potato recipe shown?

  5. This is our absolute favorite, go-to recipe!!! We make it 2-3 times a month, and I used the sauce base for SHRIMP for New Years, and it came out PHENOMENAL!! Love this recipe; love Lidia!!!

  6. Lovely Lidia. Just lovely.

  7. Delicious! Is that Your new kitchen or a staged kitchen? I believe you re did your kitchen, but not sure if this is your new kitchen. Hopefully you understand. Ty. Love u!!

  8. yummy mmm

  9. The salmon looks so delicious.

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