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Salmon en croute recipe

Steve GENTLY cooks a classic….Salmon en croute made easy, If you don’t like salmon, try beef tenderloin also beautiful. Served with sauteed potatoes and a lemon butter sauce.
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  1. superb recipe, thank you!

  2. Vi a receita em video, Penso que deve ser excelente, Vou experimentar, Obrigada

  3. It is delicious, thanks. Superbe

  4. Why pronounce basil the american way????

  5. ¿como se hace la pasta?

  6. Look amazing

  7. Great recipe but what an accent! sounds like recently left Doncaster but just arrived in America. Bayzill? Budder??? Only surpassed by a yorkshire Bewdy!! Keep it up pal.

  8. 1:55 don't you mean the fishmonger?

  9. I've made this for New Year's Day a couple of years ago and I am making it again for Easter. It was delicious 😋

  10. Steve you are the bomb! Love your enthusiasm and confidence! You are definitely cooking with love and passion 😄

  11. I made this exactly like the video. Everyone who taste it loved it.

  12. That looks so beautiful and delicious… definitely going to give your dish a go. Thank you!

  13. this is a gentle recipe.

  14. one word amazing dear. i love it

  15. Amazing! Thankfully I was eating while I watched this. Gotta try this as soon as I learn how to cook. Merry Christmas from Sweden!

  16. Is it ok to prepare it the day before cooking and keep it in the fridge?

  17. will this work the same if I had some short crust pastry to "en croute" with?

  18. well it looks good

  19. "Get your butcher to take the fish skin off" nice!!Will get my fishmonger to debone a leg of lamb!

  20. always good✌i gonna do that for brunch

  21. I eat Salmon twice a week. will do this recipe for the first time this weekend. I can't wait!

  22. Hi Cheff: If I change the pastry by Philo pastry, (is the one that I ve actually) the time shoud be less, could I?, and in how many time do You think I can cook the salmon? Thanks so much. (From Argentina)

  23. Kristina Domeikienė

    The sound how you enjoy eating it OMG !! It made me want to make this recipe today. Thank you very much!

  24. "Bayzil'? What's this Bayzil business? it's BAZZLE

  25. he likes saying gently alot!

  26. GENTLY does it ok guys

  27. Steve as an amateur cook I enjoy getting recipes off of YouTube and perfecting them. I am looking forward to trying this on Sunday. I will definitely let you know how it came out thanks for sharing such an awesome dish.

  28. Should I pre cook the salmon a little first

  29. Könige-Tochter Ü.

    Great practical video. Thanks and subscribed

  30. where can I buy the dough

  31. Valeria Krivelevich

    Made this today and it was amazing! Thank you!

  32. This didn't work out for me… I was so hungry from watching the recipe that after removing the skin from the salmon I ate it raw. Good thing I had some soy souse and wasabi.

  33. Don't watch this if you're hungry T.T #pleasesomebodyfeedme

  34. only 3 of those little potatas? Waiter!!

  35. I really need to be very gentle on this one huh?

  36. 👏👏👏👏

  37. Done it and absolutely delicious easy to make it recipe. Thank you for this video because it made even easier to follow recipe.

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