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Royal Roast Chicken for Harry & Meghan | Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s got a Roast Chicken recipe that is bound to get the royal seal of approval! We all know that Harry & Meghan got engaged over this dish, so next time they need to follow Jamie’s tips to make sure it’s perfect. Give this a go and you’ll never go wrong, getting juicy, herby, flavourful chicken every time!

For the recipe and more visit – http://jamieol.com/RoastChickenRecipe

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  1. Always love watching Jamie cook makes me feel so good and hungry 😀 you ve come a long way since I first watched you on naked chef always will be my favourite bro keep it coming

  2. 19 - MACKIE - 87

    You love kissing the establishments arse

  3. Andrew Felix Ferdaus

    Do you think it’s possible to finish the gravy with a squeeze of the roasted lemon juice from the chicken?

  4. Awesome recipe!!!!

  5. Hmmm bit undercooked for my liking…. could've gone another 20 mins….

  6. Sherwin Palomo

    Nobody does it like Jamie Oliver!

  7. Craig Nevermind

    It looks magic. I cover mine while it's resting, to keep the moisture in. Really works.

  8. Thanks my darling very nice 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️

  9. BASED Jamie. What a man

  10. Citizens not Subjects

  11. That's insane… 🤤

  12. This looks so yummy and I'm so gonna try it this week ! Jamie, please tell me where do you put the tray in the oven ? In the middle of it? Thank you

  13. Looks tasty. Thank you Jamie.

  14. Yash Vardhan Tanwar

    The slow motion is really getting on my nerves -_-

  15. boratlovesrabbits

    just ram it down the breast….

  16. The roast beef video now roast chicken… I whole heartedly believe if you post more roast videos England will win the World Cup in Russia. Apparently Gareth Southgate loves roast dinners, plus he has to make up for Euro 96 and what better way to do it! More roast videos!!

  17. Saorise Valhalla

    you would make a royal wedding underpants cake if if kept your neb in with the powerful

  18. Shahrukh Mirza

    Love From India Jamie❤️

  19. Suzi SaintJames

    Couldn't find the recipe on your website, just 39 other roasted chicken recipes. What I'm curious about is how to pre-cook the lemon. Please give me a link either to this recipe or another recipe that gives the details about pre-cooking the lemon. Sending lots of love 💜 from sunny 🌞 Arizona 🌵, cooler today 87/62f (31c) , 104f (40c) 7-days ago.

  20. Staaaph! I love the ends of the legs <3 yumyumyum <3

  21. Mega markle!!!! The newest marvel superhero!!…. Putting the lemon in the chicken, wouldnt it add the sour lemon flavour to the chicken?

  22. alex Di Folco-McQuire

    Ooh ah up eh ra

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