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Romantic Date Night Steak Dinner for Two Recipe: Ready in 20 Minutes!

I was living in Shanghai with my boyfriend (now husband) when I came up with this recipe. He was craving steak and I wanted to make him something special for our date night. This recipe calls for a large NY strip that can be shared by two. It’s a fast, easy and delicious dish that will make your way into that special someone’s heart!


  1. Swedish House Boss

    will this give me sexy ?

  2. Skitty Strawberry's

    Why am I watching this I dont have a date night planned 😅

  3. I'll try that looks good.

  4. I recommend u add oil first. Then season generously with salt and pepper

  5. I don't understand why your channel doesn't have 4 million subscribers

  6. imovie is the best

  7. hi, can I not use basil leaves? Can't seem to find any basil leaves at my town. 😅 I'm planning on cooking a steak (a real steak) for the first time next weekend. Wish me luck!

  8. subscribed xxx this is great

  9. You should add some butter in after you sear it in hot oil so the butter doesn't burn 🙂 – looks good though

  10. Is anyone else thinking that's a lot of whole garlic cloves for a date night, and where's her steak?

  11. Hmmm would sirloin work?

  12. Awesome! Here's chef without the pretension of a modern chef – what a righteous novelty.

  13. The butter seems burnt. It is not yellow, but rather brownish.

  14. Has anyone made this recipe?

  15. Love it short and lovely thanks❤

  16. Now that is a great dish to make on a date night !!!!!!!!!!!

  17. i would have drained the tomatoes before serving cause it looks a little greasy

  18. This song is from the sims game

  19. The intro song reminds me of Jet from Lizza koshy´s videos XDXD

  20. The butter looked like it got burnt, maybe ghee would work better in the recipe?

  21. Marvelous! SUBSCRIBED!

  22. This is amazing, keep the content coming. I can see this channel getting big!

  23. love how this video was edited!!! im subscribing

  24. That's great! Keep up the good work 🙂

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