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Red Sauce Pasta Recipe

Wondering how to make Pasta at home? This is the Indian-ised version of the Italian Pasta in Red Sauce for my viewers. Hope you like my recipe! This pasta recipe in hindi also has english subtitles. You won’t be searching how to make red sauce pasta at home after watching this recipe for sure!


  1. mohammad waeil

    I'm 16 years old I made this at 1:30AM it was so good!

  2. عبدالله سعد الدحيلان

    Actually I love Indian food because it have a lot of splices and it remind me Of our Arabic food

  3. Aakash Chauhan

    too gud receipe.. too gud way of presenting… I tried & succeeded very well in preparation … too gud taste…

  4. Shubhangi Narkar

    very good explanation

  5. hello I am 10 years old and ha

  6. u move ur head alot

  7. oh i tried !!! it ws so delicious !!!! thnk u so much fr this recipe

  8. sakshi agrawal

    it was fab .
    i made it nd it taste so good that i cant tell..
    loved recipe of pasta

  9. Looking forward to making this toady night!

  10. Rachana R Maurya


  11. yummy

  12. to make it more creamy u can add sandwich spread or mayonnaise also…I have tried this technique and my daughter loved it?

  13. Whts the indication ke pasta aache se boil ho gya hai.
    Nd wenever i make pasta , sauces mein aache se nahi mil pata nd thora feeka reh jata hai.. sauce toh aache se pak jate hai par pasta unka flavor he nahi le pata

  14. shubhdeep Chauhan

    nice or easy recipe….mam….n u looking nice too

  15. Looks delicious

  16. bhoomika bhoomika


  17. friendly heavy

    Well.. i've been making pasta wrong my whole life then, not that i made it alot but still haha.
    I just put water and boil the pasta in and then mix it with tomato paste. For toppings i'd just put garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper. without the olive oil or salt in the water at the beggining or anything, this makes it way better!

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    I upload everyday! Cheers!

  19. desi de recard

    very good recipe

  20. hi great video! if you take the tomato and cut a small x on the bottom (not to deep) and pop it in the boiling water until you see the tomato meat coming out and take it out of the boiling water really quick and put it in ice cold water the skin will peal off immediately cool little culinary tip 😛


    What if it takes forever to boil?

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