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PURPLE ROYAL WEDDING CAKE With Gold Accents and White Flowers | Man About Cake

No Brandon, this is not a rural wedding cake…it’s a ROYAL wedding cake! And here on the set of Man About Cake, we definitely think this cake is fit for the royal family. Check out the links below for more Royal Wedding fun! Also, be sure to follow along with Craftsy on Facebook & Instagram this week as we all gear up for the wedding of the season.

Royal Wedding Watch Party: https://craftsy.me/2jX5DiL
Almond Buttercream Filling Recipe: https://craftsy.me/2GeMj9J
Fruit Cake Recipe: https://craftsy.me/2rGW8IZ
Edna Lace Mold: https://craftsy.me/2IiYW9k
Drop String Mold: https://craftsy.me/2Ikhk1X
Sugar Flower Mold: https://craftsy.me/2wFrwMK

Craftsy Unlimited: https://craftsy.me/2Ionz0E


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  1. Man About Cake

    Hey Guys, this is James. Just thought I should clarify; Joshua totally knew who was on his shirt! He loves the Great British Bake Off. That was just a dumb joke! lol

  2. Joshua you have great talent. Doesn't matter you didn't get to make the cake, I believe you've made it MUCH better! 😍😍 Great Vids

  3. Absolutely incorrect….. English fruit cake is made with dried fruits rehydrated in brandy. There are no candied fruits. You have been missed informed.

  4. Very classy!!!

  5. Patricia Francisco

    it’s Paul Hollywood and Marry Berry on your shirt lol they’re bakers

  6. Jacque Flowers

    You guys are so funny. I love watching your videos. That cake is beautiful. Keep up the good work.

  7. iquestionthelogicofmath


  8. So you pressed out disgusting fondant flowers to put on the cake just to completely cover them with other flowers…?

  9. Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry

  10. should've made a cheerio cake

  11. its Mary and Paul from THE GREAT BRITSH BAKE OFF 🙂 love you JRR!

  12. OMG His shirt has Mary berry and Paul Hollywood from ‘bake off’ on it

  13. The people on your shirt are the judges of the British bake off, Mary Barry and I don’t know what his name is 🙂 💕

  14. Guloona Ali Khattak

    james talking about the wedding list is me thinking of who to invite to my birthday XD

    "lets invite that random guy who gave me some candy from 1969 once"

  15. Guloona Ali Khattak

    when the music is SO un british

  16. I’m pretty sure the people on your shirt are Paul Hollywood and Lady Mary Berry… they’re both famous bakers from Britain.

  17. Christopher Brenner

    The people on your shirt are from the British dessert reality baking show, Great British Baking Show. Matthew Yglesias and Ruth Graham

  18. Caroline Thrussell

    An English wedding cake that isn't a traditional fruit cake and covered in marzipan?!?!?! The HORROR!! I love it! (For your party you should have cucumber sandwiches, scones (pronounced sc-Oh-nes) and cups of tea with biscuits to dunk)

  19. hearmymotoredheart

    Have the crew been given their own mics? OUTSTANDING

  20. 👍👍👍👍

  21. Marios Gregoriou

    Wait… do you really not know Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood – at least – from the Great British Bake Off?

  22. 2:08 wouldn't it be easier to sieve just the almond paste before you mix it in, rather than all the icing?

  23. Beautiful JJR.
    Your t-shirt is from 'The Great British Bake Off' 🙂

  24. Makayla Carter

    I wish I could meet Daryl Dixon and Glen from The Walking Dead.

  25. “Like a fat baby” 😂😂

  26. Can't wait for Versace cake!

  27. refilwe palesa Chilisa

    Beautiful cake.. as usual you've outdone yourself!!

  28. siifaah seohyun


  29. Melinda Gibson

    Omg you remind me of Jason Mraz so much! Adorns! Love your cakes!

  30. ❤️

  31. I HATE THE FRUITCAKE IN ENGLAND TOO!!! Since we were kids, all the adults would just assume we want it. I had to hold back tears while eating the stuff so as not to offend anyone hahaha

  32. I love your shirt, mary and paul.

  33. Sir Derpington

    bring some nados bruv.

  34. I don't understand. All of these huge cakes go to waste? He does it only for the videos and has nobody to deliver to?

  35. I love the guy talking behind the camera lol. Josh and him have amazing chemistry.

  36. Why do the centers of most of your cakes look like they have sunken in? Doesn’t that mean it’s not fully cooked?

  37. One real heartily suggestion..
    Just for few episodes try having one crazy female along with the man behind camera for talking…
    It will make the process so exciting…trust me 🙂

    Currently there is only some men behind camera(that's what I am assuming) who have a strong goffy energy while talking, they try really hard but I can tell their natural go to behaviour is not what they show in episode. we need some loose natural energy for cheering the conversation throught the roof and complimenting the strong talking energy …

    P.s.: the presenter is A ok , his energy is true to himself, thus look effortless often 😉

    Note: I am writting this with a good heart. No shade.

  38. One important question.
    How do you stay so hot even after these many gorgeous cakes are always around you? Dont they tempt you to cheat? 😉

  39. I love the Florence and the machine tattoo!

  40. I'm obsessed with the Great British Bake Off and fell in love with the shirt the second I saw it on you!

  41. You made barmbrack cake.

  42. You should calab with row from nerdy nummys

  43. Mieka Schneidereit

    You gots a tattoo!?

  44. That is Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry!!! They are judges and hosts from The Great British Bake Off!

  45. Jessica McDonald

    That shirt is amazing! 😍

  46. Are those tats on your arm new? Haven't noticed them before.

  47. SmolderingFlowers216

    OMG NOOOOOO!!! Its Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood!!!!!! From the Great British Bakeoff!!!

  48. Susan Williams

    Hi! Thanks so much for your YouTube channel! I'd like to know what kind of cake turntable you have. Thank you!

  49. You should do a collab with Justine’s friend Rosanna Pansino

  50. hufflepuff1926

    Loving the shirt

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