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Pork Medallions With Mushroom & Port wine Sauce | French Bistro Recipes

this video recipe is a step by step demonstration on how to cook pork
medallions (filet mignons) with a delicious creamy Mushroom and port sauce. it is a classic recipe made in a lots of household in France and can be easily modified for kids by simply not using the port wine.

In order to make make that recipe will need the following ingredients:
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600 grams of Pork filet
100 grams of Button mushroom (small size)
50 ml of Port wine (portuguese port is very nice)
250 ml of Pure or double cream. (do not use light cream)
250ml of good quality stock or home made stock ( veal or chicken stock)
100 grams of plain flour ( to coat the meat in)
50 grams of unsalted good quality real butter (not Margarine)


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  1. Wish you would have cut into it

  2. It looks absolutely delicious – I'm expecting house guests next week and this dish will, without doubt, be on the menue.

  3. julie netherton

    Delicious….. cooked this this evening, came out beautifully, well done for an informative video! thank you

  4. You say butter, not oil, for cooking the mushrooms. Why, please.

  5. You must be in Australia. Love the channel mate 😎

  6. This looks quick and easy! Will try this weekend.

  7. What vegetable would you recommend serving along side?

  8. Thank you for a great recipe. The whole family was in the kitchen helping to prepare and we all loved the meal. I hope you hit 100k+ subs

  9. I am trying this tonight

  10. Daniel Oathout

    Looks delicious. Plan to try it.

  11. ..whoa whoa whoa – human? 🙂

  12. If you dry fry the mushrooms first their flavour is really concentrated and you don't have to wait so long for the butter and water to boil them

  13. Made this for dinner tonight, it was a total success! Once a month I'll cook a Wagyu steak, and my husband said he liked this dish better. When I measured the ingredients, at first I thought it looked a little scanty, but this recipe was able to feed three people just fine. Next I'm going to try your rib eye with the red wine sauce, I can't wait!


  15. Love Manu Bring him on

  16. Margarite Olmos

    Excellent, as always. You have a very good teaching style that gives confidence to others to attempt French cooking, something which usually appears to be too sophisticated. Not anymore! Thanks.

  17. James Milligan

    Looks great!

  18. Lindsay Maupin

    Your channel is amazing. I watch many cooking channels but yours is very concise and informative!

  19. Can the butter be substituted with olive or sunflower oil?

  20. Thanks for making such a great video. I tried this recipe on New Years Day, and it turned out wonderful.

  21. Good god, that pork is cooked stiff! Would have loved to have seen footage of one of them being cut.

  22. I appreciate this episode because I never felt confident cooking cream in a pan. I was always afraid it would separate on me. Now I know it will not!

  23. Few years ago, I had amazing chicken cooked in red wine. Could you include a recipe in your video in near future?

  24. try it with papaderle noodles !

  25. VOILA!

  26. Patricia Taylor

    Demo going the make this dish this weekend !

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