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Pasta Recipe – How to Make Homemade Pasta

Get the top-rated recipe for Fresh Semolina and Egg Pasta at http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Fresh-Semolina-and-Egg-Pasta/detail.aspx.

Watch how to make fresh pasta at home! This simple pasta is made with semolina flour and eggs. You can find semolina flour in most gourmet grocery stores. Shape the pasta dough into your favorite pasta shapes! And try it with cream sauces.

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  1. egg white recipes?

    1.) Break 3 eggs into mixing bowl.
    2.) Add 2 cups regular flower.
    3.) Add 1 – 2 tsp salt.
    4.) Add 1 tbsp olive oil
    5.) Mix on low to medium for 10 minutes
    6.) Scrape out dough and wrap with plastic wrap and let it set for an hour.
    7.) You're done! Now run it through pasta maker/rolling pin/etc!
    8.) You are welcome!!!

  3. I just threw it all into a stand mixer and my spaghetti came out spectacular! You just have to keep the noodles apart before boiling or they will stick into a clump on you. I say screw this method! It is just for show and will make a huge mess!

  4. Why not just crack the eggs into the well?…

  5. Ok can't use plate

  6. how much is 2 cups in grams ?

  7. justgame _official

    What are you doing ?!?! You are killing the pasta ! IM ITALIAN

  8. instructions unclear
    finish up with a dildo

  9. '
    wheat flour or white flour with raw egg, little lowfat milk in a bowl and mix…
    pure natural noodle / pasta…
    no no no need salty, nothing…
    no no need butter, nothing…
    no no need cooking oil, nothing

  10. Chim-Chim Jiminie

    Can I just used a simple flour instead of all purpose flour?

  11. the background music made me feel warm and fuzzy

  12. Use ur own hands not d f.ckin fork!

  13. Why don't you just crack them in the well

  14. What if semolina flour isn't available in my area? Can I just use all purpose flour?

  15. leonardo bartolay

    name of the background music, anyone?

  16. For how many portion is that? 20?

  17. Semolina flour in the supermarkets costs 3 times more than the semolina pasta ready to cook sold in packages of 1 pound. Absurd. I'll stick with the regular APF to make my pasta.

  18. What's the egg-flour ratio??

  19. at first i thought fresh salmonella and egg pasta

  20. can you use this same dough to make raviolis?

  21. I don't have that pasta machine 🙁

  22. i like the video, is make by professionals , i will try the recipe soon, thumb up

  23. what if i dont have a fork to do the well?

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