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Pasta e Fagioli Recipe (Pasta Fazool Recipe)

Today I want to share with you my Pasta e Fagioli recipe, also known as Pasta Fazool recipe. It is simply translated to Pasta and Beans recipe.

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  1. 1:43 OMG …It's too much oil !!

  2. Reisa Williams

    Love you sweet Chef and your accent! Oilio Baby!!

  3. Delish. I am going to make this after you showed us how.

  4. Never tried it in a white sauce. This looks great. Salute!

  5. Susan Badalucca

    I love you Pasquale! Yes i would love to see you make the one with the red sauce even tho i already make it all the time, its one of my faves 💗

  6. Instead of white beans and rice tonight I cooked white beans and three kinds of pasta. Loved it. Can't stop eating. Bon appetit from New Orleans.

  7. Interesting. But I would probably pass on fazool. Beans I no like!

  8. Fondue And The Horse You Rode In On

    I don't have that kind of pasta. I'm just gonna break up some penne.

  9. What? No Pecorino Romano cheese? I would definitely put some on if i was eating it. I love your channel. Keep on cooking.

  10. Do the red!

  11. Jo-Ann DiGennaro

    I never had white pasta fazool. It looks so good I will be making it tomorrow as we don't eat any meat on Fridays. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  12. Alejandro Macari

    A me piace molto la pasta e fagioli, ma io metto un po di pomodoro, la fa piu saporita……

  13. Make with the red !

  14. i fagioli di fagioli sono buoni per il tuo cuore più si mangia più scoreggia

  15. Yes! Make the red sauce version! Thumbs up and shared on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  16. Fabulous recipe!🍷🇮🇹👨‍🍳👍

  17. Manuel Ibrahim

    @ OrsaraRecipes Gratzie Mille Don Pasquale 🕴🏽

  18. I Love Pasta Fazool. I am Maltese and i grew up eating like your cooking Pasquale. Love Watching you cook. My Husband wish he can have a drink of your Wine. Do you make your won Wine.

  19. Ernesta Walker

    Thank you for honoring my request

  20. Beautiful. adding to my pasta checklist.

  21. Pasquale the great! Try Pasta e ceci (pasta and chickpeas) next.. Great job! Tums up 👍🏻

  22. Chef Pasquale, greetings from Poland! You are the best! Please do the red sauce recipe version as well <3 !

  23. What type of beans? Thanks

  24. animalmother556x45

    ……..I really want the red sauce recipe……

  25. Thank you for teaching us another great recipe. We have made your pizza's and pasta dishes…delicious.

  26. I love the white Pasta Fagoli recipe, simple and hearty. Thank you Chef Pasquale, you've taught me that recipes don't need many ingredients to be great! Salute and Chin Chin!

  27. Makingnewnamesisdumb

    Italian Forest Whitaker strikes again.

  28. robert paulson


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