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Pandan Cake Recipe Feat. CHEF WAN!

Follow me on my journey through Asia, next up: Melaka in Malaysia. For more info check out: https://goodfood.uktv.co.uk/shows/donals-asian-baking-adventure/ Get the recipe here: http://www.donalskehan.com/recipes/pandan-cake/

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  2. Manjima Dutta Arya


  3. I'm not completely sure, but I think if this is channeling the pandan chiffon we have in SEA, spraying the tin isn't good because the batter has nothing to grip onto so it doesnt rise as much as it could. Also, after baking it should be cooled bottom up so the cake doesn't sink or deflate, which I think happened a little to yours donal, if you look at the curve of your slice, it's just that much denser than the rest. Hope this is helpful, and I love pandan, it is the vanilla of SEA, so glad to see it here

  4. Suryafara bracke

    I love the tangy lime frosting and lime zest on pandan chiffon cake idea. Where did you find the fresh pandan leaves,chef? I just notice it on your cooking counter.

  5. OMG! Greetings from Melaka!!

  6. I’ve never seen Pandan chiffon cake baked in a bundt tin or with any icing before. But it’s a cool take on the chiffon cake that we southeast Asian peeps love 🙂 Chef Wan seems like a lot of fun hehe

  7. send me pandan extract XD

  8. Omg chef wan!!!

  9. Wow you meet chef wan?? Brilliant

  10. Brenda's Pampered Kitchen

    So the Pandan taste the same as what? Looks beautiful💖

  11. The moment ive been waiting for.💘💘💘💘 both my idol

  12. Arjuna persada


  13. Lovely attempt, Donal! Pandan chiffon cakes remind me so much of snack time during my preschool days haha. It's so nice seeing you and Chef Wan! I laughed so much watching him try to feed you ahaha. Loved seeing you talk to our local aunties and try out all our different kuihs too. Hope you had a lovely trip to Malaysia!

  14. Suryafara bracke

    My mouth is watering when imagine the aroma and taste of pandan cake.

  15. Wow you meet up with Chef Wan! 🖒 Please drop by Singapore next time and get some inspiration from our local dishes such as singapore chilli crab, satay, hokkien mee and laksa. 🍲🥘🍝

  16. Chef Wan! Im proud to be Malaysian

  17. OMG I grew up watching chef Wan and I was overjoyed to see him in your video!

  18. Amazing video! Pandan is my favourite cake flavour! 😊

  19. Sueraya Kassim

    Chef Wan did a great job introducing u to our local Nyonya kuehs! I just wished i could see u when ur down in Malaysia again Donal!

  20. You need to make that cake from 01:10 we called it klepon in Indonesia (idk what they call it im Malaysia tho) those are very sweet & lovely it made out of sweet rice flour filled with coconut/palm sugar then sprinkled with shredded coconut

  21. he is so funny 😂😂😂 feeding you and all haha

  22. Yea yea

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