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Today’s video features 2 super delicious vegan holiday recipes – perfect for a potluck! One is a savoury dish and it is an amazingly satisfying nut roast/loaf… the second dish is a dessert and it is a vegan take on the pecan pie! These are both amazing and would be crowd-pleasers at any potluck – vegan or non-vegan. Enjoy!

RECIPES HERE – https://wp.me/p7U7rQ-1wx

PIE CRUST RECIPE – http://bit.ly/2AsqF2K

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  1. Which one will you be making…? I suggest both! Thanks for watching everyone 😘❤️ don't forget to subscribe 💕💕💕

  2. Wow! These look sooo yummy! Saved to my Vegan Christmas dinner folder. Can’t wait to try them. Be blessed! 💕

  3. you try too hard

  4. Darn. Hoping to find something I could introduce to my parents but I never loved meatloaf and I don't love nuts. Butts.

  5. I believe ‘pulse’ was the word u were looking for. 😉 lol.
    Can’t wait to try these recipes, girl ! 💚

  6. "If you will" haha

  7. FYI, casserole dish not a loaf pan.

  8. Dat nutloaf! In my tummy, now! I adore the taste of roasted sunflower seeds so I will definitely put them in my mixture. Jesus, onions, mushrooms and nuts, I think I drooled on my keyboard!

  9. What I like is that general formula that you used for the loaf, as one might be able to add and subtract different ingredients. You could also add chocolate to that pie, just saying.

  10. The nut loaf looks like a streusel cake with the kind of frosting you get on a German chocolate cake. Talk about drool!!
    And it's p'con.

  11. can I make a tiny pie in an airfryer? :3

  12. That loaf doe🙀

  13. When I saw it from the pictures I thought it was from a restaurant! I'm totally trying these! ❤️

  14. Your pecan pie looks like heaven. I'd devour it in one sitting.

  15. namjoon's dimples

    what could i use instead of mushrooms for the nut roast?

  16. Vegan Living 24/7

    Ooo love both of these! Now if my dishes would clean themselves I’d make one of your recipes (still really want to go that pumpkin Mac and cheese though mmm)
    Thanks for always sharing delicious healthy recipes!

  17. reminds me of a meatloaf … wonder what I could use instead of onions thought … allergic to them

  18. You're awesome Rose

  19. You Are The Balance

    This came out aweaome, thank you for this recipe. 💜💗💯

  20. Love Love these! Am not a tofu fan, is there a replacement?

  21. Hungry Herbivore ASMR

    I have been meaning to get around to making/trying a nut roast for ages, so thank you for this!

  22. it's not relevant but do you know that you can use the water from canned chickpeas as an egg white substitute( it gets fluffy when whipped)

  23. I Remain Anonymous

    LOL You are so funny. Can't wait to try the nut loaf! It will be the first I ever try!

  24. Can I add vegan graham crackers instead of the saltine crackers for the pecan pie?

  25. Rose, your promo code isn't working 🙁

  26. i like the recipes but the commentary is so distracting and unprofessional. it takes away from the recipes rather than adding to it.

  27. Thank you!

  28. A delicious piece of deliciousness? I‘m IN 🙋🏻
    Love you Rose, you’re such a sweet and hilarious woman❤️

  29. I say the consistency of a flax egg is like gel!! Also these recipes are sooo good.

  30. For the pie can I replace the tofu for coconut cream?

  31. If you will….

  32. omg Rose you're so ratchet and yet your recipes always look fricken delicious!! xD loved this (and lbr, we would /all/ lick the blades/bowl:)

  33. Sharons Joyfullife

    Great job on the crust. It looks flaky and delicious.

  34. sheraine zeffrienne

    Great recipes but unfortunately iherb are not a good option for the UK … hidden customs charges. Shame because their stuff looks fab

  35. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets vocabulary melt downs 😂

  36. You did a great job at decorating your pecan pie Rose!!!😄

  37. Omg that pie! I really want to make it although I never ever seen silken tofu in any stores (I live in the capital of my country) would it be terrible with casual tofu?

  38. Hopefully my dream vegan wife will be able to cook food as sweet as you 😍

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