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mexican rice recipe | मैक्सिकन चावल | easy lunch box recipes | kids tiffin box recipe

full recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/restaurant-style-authentic-mexican-rice/

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mexican rice recipe | how to make restaurant style authentic mexican rice with detailed photo and video recipe. flavoured and healthy rice-based side dish recipe prepared with tomatoes and vegetable stock. it is popular dish in mexico and spain but in india it is mainly served for mains and as lunch box recipe. the rice is very similar to our own vegetable pulao recipe and tastes good when served with raita or spicy curry.

mexican rice recipe | how to make restaurant style authentic mexican rice with step by step photo and video recipe. indian cuisine deals with several dishes prepared from the cooked and uncooked rice for lunch and dinner. but at the same time, indian cuisine has been exposed to many other cuisines and embraced its dishes accordingly. mexican rice is one such flavoured recipe which is prepared with vegetables and served for lunch or dinner.


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    Mug Pizza Recipe Pls

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  16. Mexican style rice: you will need to fry rice till golden brown in olive oil or any other oil like Hebbers Kitchen did. And then take the blender or the mixxy add two ripe cut in half tomatoes, one garlic, one onion and vegetable cubes or you can use tomato Maggie powder about two spoons for flavor.
    Blend these ingredients with enough water for the rice to cook. Add this tomato mixture add to the rice and stir well add salt per taste as you are also adding the flavoring powder add one carrot diced or cut small cubes add three green chilies without cutting them to the rice. Close the lid and let it cook till it’s done. You can add hand full of green peas if you want, the color for the peas gives good contrast in red rice. In place of tomatoes you may add tomato paste…
    Authentic way of cooking Mexican rice from Mexico country next to USA. This rice is eaten in place of white rice like we Indians eat.

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  18. Rice you are using without wash and without soaking ?

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