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Meal Prep For Dummies – How To Meal Prep Salmon – Salmon Meal Prep

Healthy Meal Prep For Dummies! This is Meal Prep for Beginners that anyone can learn with some easy Meal Prep Recipes!
I’m making a crispy salmon recipe to show how to meal prep so easily. This meal prep for dummies is great for beginners meal prep or a guide to meal prep. All my meal prep recipes are simple meal prep and very easy meal prep. Meal prepping salmon has never been healthier or easier to make. When showing how to meal prep or beginner meal prep you have to keep it easy and healthy. My guide to meal prep shows healthy meal recipes in the easiest how to meal prep format ever. My guide for how to meal prep is the most simple meal prep out there.

RECIPE: https://goo.gl/Z3n6hu
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497 calories per meal
30.6 grams of fat per meal
42.6 grams of protein per meal
6.6 grams of fiber per meal
18 grams of carbs per meal

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microplane zester: http://amzn.to/2guLd1S

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  1. A new subscriber was right to have more meals for dummy prep thank u🍱🍣🍛🍲

  2. Thank you for this video. The cauliflower rice was tempting. My only gripe was, it turned out too messy, time consuming and slightly expensive. Plus you don't always have fresh parsley and while cauliflower lying around in the fridge so you'd have to make a trip. The cauliflower liked ti splatter everywhere too when I grated it. Now I have a kitchen full of cauliflower, table top, floor and dirty dishes. Bahahahahaaaaaa

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  4. Awesome vid!

  5. Hi Bobby. I am trying to lose a few pounds, nothing major, and was looking for a healthy Salmon recipe. I found your site, saw this video and went shopping. I have just cooked and eaten this meal. I've never tried cauliflower rice, snap peas or cooking with soy, thyme, peppers and lemon juice. I was a little worried how it would taste. Well I took a bite making sure I had every ingredient on the fork and I was totally blown away. It was amazing. I kept getting hits of lemon which really completed the meal for me surprisingly. I cooked 2 Salmon fillets so enough for tomorrow. It didn't look an amazing amount on the plate but very filling. I hardly ever ate vegetables and yet today I've eaten lots and loved it. I will definitely be trying more or your recipes now I am a subscriber. Thank you.

  6. Can you do some vegetarian options?! Please 🙂

  7. can u make meal prep for diabetes patient or gestational diabetes

  8. hi bobby! i looooooooove all your meal preps! simple easy and tasty! cooked two of your meal prep already and it was amazing! thank you for sharing and please keep them coming! loveAndHugs!

  9. how long can these last in the fridge?

  10. Do you have any recipes for healthy Burgers & French Fries?

  11. Amazing!

  12. Sajith Suraweera

    Love a lot of these videos, but man some of this stuff is NOT easy to cook in a college dorm!

  13. lol way to keyword stuff your descriptions. Good video though

  14. lmfao california flowers dem califlowers

  15. Omg! I've seen so many meal prep videos but this one is my favorite!! The recipes are awesome!! Thank You. I have subscribed to your channel

  16. Hi new to this. Is it safe to reheat this meal.

  17. Bobby if I get Salmon without skin what cool times on each side?

  18. Janelle Hernandez

    Bobby, I think your videos are awesome. You're teaching me how to cook! Thank you, and please keep doin' what you're doin'. 🙂

  19. Hi! I just subscribed, I love your Channel btw. Question I was wondering could I use your spice rub ingredients on the salmon? I'm new in the kitchen so forgive me if that's a crazy question just want more flavor.

  20. Just found your channel and I cannot wait to try the sugarsnap peas!!! New favourite channel ❤️

  21. Looks good!

  22. Amaze balls recipe i have to try tomorrow

  23. Stephanie Marie Aguirre Garcia

    I'm off to check our fridge for some cauliflower haha! Thank you!

  24. Yum, I LOVE salmon <3

  25. Mostafa Der vogel

    thanx man !
    it's very helpful to me
    I wish you the best !

  26. Thanks for the cauliflower rice idea … I love rice with fish and chicken, but the carbs are killing me … BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!

  27. have done the cauliflower rice before it's great. Would love a breakfast, lunch and dinner pre for weight loss.

  28. Samantha Petersen

    Oh my goodness! I've never heard of cauliflower rice before. Definitely trying that.


    It would be great if you could do some kind of meal prep for athletes!!

  29. I'm definitely trying this. It looks delicious! 🙂

  30. m in love wid this guy

  31. Just made it today and it was DELICIOUS!!!

  32. Sorry if this is a stupid question. If you prepare these for your week, do you put these in the fridge or the freezer?

    Great video!

  33. Hey Bobby , might be a silly question, but can you provide links to those glass containers that you have there?
    Or any other great sized containers that are also microwaveable…thanks!! Just subscribed after watching this video.

  34. great recipes! best wishes from germany

  35. How do you reheat the salmon so the skin stays crispy after being refrigerated a day or two?

  36. i just don't "get" lemon juice and zest in savory food. maybe that's juvenile of me.

  37. I love your personality, makes your videos fun to watch. Thanks for making college easier 👍🏽

  38. After 4 videos, I think I just found my favorite channel.

  39. Would love to see an Asian type dish, bento box anyone?!?

  40. Do you eat the skin?

  41. Angela Prendergast

    OMG I have to leave you another comment. I made this yesterday as part of my weeks meal prepand had it to eat I was like yeah not bad, but I've just had it today and obviously forgot how good this tasted it seems like leaving it a day made it taste extra nice and yummy that little burst of lemon is beyond words. Thank you for this recipe I'm going to try the shrimp 🍤 one next. 👍

  42. I made the Sugarsnap Peas the other day. (I made enough for dinner that night and enough for prepping) My husband is totally veggie sceptic 😉 he's still that 4 yo who thinks anything green will kill him… lol I made these and he thought I'd lost my mind cos I was cooking "pea pods" he asked "aren't you supposed to take the peas ot of those?" But he sat down to dinner (he wouldn't have veg by choice, but if I put them in front of him, he will eat them, most of the time. Well he tried the sugarsnaps and woofed the lot! I then caught him in the kitchen stealing the ones cooling for in the prep boxes! The chilli definitely helped, he's a spice/heat addict.

  43. Angela Prendergast

    Went shopping for the ingredients for this prep today the list of ingredients call for a yellow squash which I purchased but you don't use it in this recipe. I have never cooked a squash before so unsure what to do with it will keep it for another prep sure I saw one where you use a squash

  44. even healthier is no oil, place the salmon flesh side for like 30 secs and it releases natural oil allowing you to have no stick when you switch back to skin 🙂

  45. Tamra McAllister

    I am loving your videos.

  46. Mexican style meal prep

  47. Another excellent meal prep!!
    Here's a suggestion for your cauliflower stalks. Clean them up a little and put them in the freezer. When you're ready to make homemade chicken soup, you can throw it in the pot with your other veggies. 1) you'll get all the vitamins from the cauliflower and 2) you won't be wasting any part of the cauliflower. You can do this with broccoli, asparagus, the tops of fennel and really any other veggie you like to eat. All that stuff one would discard can be frozen and used for broth.
    Also, I'd love to see a meal prep for snacks.

  48. can you use canned salmon if you cant afford other salmon
    and how long can you keep salmon

  49. I love how the meal prep ideas you share are extremely tasty and appetizing I tried 3-4 different meals in the past 2 days (since I discovered this Chanel) and I have some more in my list to make 🙃 really nice enjoyed it and I'm sure others did as well thank you for all the hard work and great recipes 😊 new subscriber on the board !!

  50. Method of cooking other types of fish: snapper, cod, flounder… thanks!

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