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making summer vegan buddha bowls | 7 easy vegan recipes

7 easy vegan recipes made into buddha bowls, or just eat them all together! I wanted to share some of the vegan sides I’ve been making as the weather has been getting warmer. I hope you guys enjoy the recipes!



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  1. Thank you, looks delicious and very healthy.

  2. Bad bad news ! I love it ❤️ this food looks yum

  3. Love Buddha bowls

  4. Gabriella Amaral

    Leon Bridges, yesss. <3

  5. Taylor Thornton

    I randomly found your channel yesterday, and I love your videos so much! Finding Black vegans on here is helping me find some inspiration to go vegan. Thanks for great content Queen!

  6. How long do you blend the hummus for?

  7. Kayleigh Louise

    I know what I'm making when I have friends and family round this summer .. will be perfect on summer evenings in the garden 😍

  8. I'm not even a vegan but I plan to make these. Looks amazing, thanks for the meal ideas for Ramadan 🙂

  9. Valentine Njeru

    When her energy alone makes me like the video before it even gets to 5seconds 😂😂💛

  10. Simple but creative

  11. How much was that stainless steel TAP 😂😂?

  12. Claudia Levick

    YES this is exactly what I've been looking for & needed. Love you girl!

  13. Love it!! Looks super delicious and I know what I'm gonna try out next week;)

  14. myryh alvarado


  15. Can I pls be in your kitchen rn 😍😍

  16. potato dimensions

  17. Everything looks delicious! Going to try these 😍

  18. Yuuuuuum!

  19. Aquarius Seven

    Lol love those guys

  20. love the recipes!

  21. Hey Rachel. Well done! The recipes look yummy and I will definitely try them.

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