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Keto Grocery Haul | How I Track Macros for Recipes I Easy Breakfast Casserole

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  1. Good luck!

  2. Nice Springfield XD-S Cody! Katherine, please post the recipe for the Egg Roll Bowl!! 🙂

  3. Please explain the 30 day challenge! We want to do it too!

  4. Glad Beaux is doing better! He's the cutest 😊

  5. Is that a house or a Castle?! Those houses are incredible, I'd love to see what they look like on the inside.

  6. How is beaux doing since vet visit

  7. Bush Girl Karen

    I made the ranch chicken poppers they were good

  8. Hulalulatallulahoop2

    Well i never….i've been using MFP for a few years and i didn't know you could even create your own recipe! Wonders will never cease, lol! That's groovy and thanks for pointing that out!!!!

  9. Is it not as humid in Dallas as it is in Houston? I live in Northwest Houston, but I'm from New York.

  10. Melissa Hendrick

    You can change the serving size on myfitnesspal to a decimal instead of fraction. That's what I use. I have SO many recipes I have entered. Lol

  11. Hey what happened at the vet with Beau? You never said how it turned out? He looks much better today.

  12. Those pork chops tho!!!! 😋

  13. I take my daughter (she's 17) and her friends on drives through ritzy neighborhoods to see the homes there. I started call I g it slummin, lol. It kinda stuck so now when they want to go for a drive, they ask me to take them slummin. Sounds bad but it basically my way of saying that if you want a home like this you better work hard to get it. Don't wait for a man to get it for you, do it for yourself!

  14. I loved the tutorial on the my fitness pal. I can’t understand that app for the life of me other than entering my foods I eat. Thanks that was very simple to understand. Can’t wait for the Summer Slimdown! XOXOXOXO

  15. I'm excited for the 30 day challenge too! Waiting for my supplements to come in!

  16. Were this houses in south lake?? I used to work in one as a live in nanny. I loved that job!! Lol

  17. i'm joining in with the 30 day challenge !

  18. How did beaux get on at the vet?

  19. Seriously your videos are part of my morning routine 😊

  20. Excited for the 30 Day Challenge! I missed the update on Beaux after the vet! He really wanted some cream cheese. Looking up from the floor so sweet. Love him!

  21. The shot of Beaux with the biscuit hanging out of his lips was "to die for." Soooo adorable.

  22. I've been looking at your videos for a while and I absolutely adore Beaux. Him swimming in the water made my day.

  23. Definitely making the egg casserole. Looks tasty

  24. Are you going to have a Facebook page for people that want to join you in the slim down? That would be so awesome for us to be able to follow with you. I love your Channel. Hi from Indiana

  25. Love Zevia creme, orange and grape. What happened to the Alabama trip?

  26. Whatever happened to you guys going to Alabama??

  27. Tfs egg casserole looks yummy that is a must try. Lol me and the hubby also started us a 30 day challenging each other and motivating each other.thats for the tips and ideas. Best of luck to u guys!!!how is beaux feeling??

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