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Jellied Chicken Salad Recipe from 1953

A creamy chicken salad, perfect for the Summertime Christmas table. Originally published in the Australian Women’s Weekly, December 2nd, 1953

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Jellied Chicken Salad

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Jingle Bells by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. As a french men, that's revolting !

  2. Did you use chicken ass only?? Disgusting!! 🤢

  3. Antoinette Gaspard

    Fucking white people

  4. What kind of Australian bird was that at 2:07

  5. Final step: throw it in the trash! Just kidding but I wouldn't eat this lol

  6. Am I weird for thinking this dish actually looks rather nice :P?

  7. Are you proud of this

  8. HELL NO!!!!

  9. Is it like Aspic ?

  10. it looks very nice in my opinion.

  11. THE FUCK is wrong with that chicken?? it looks horrendous.

  12. what's up with all the 1950s recipes that use gelatin???
    it's so unappealing

  13. i cannot believe this.

  14. did they make things jello-y often? ive seen a few jellied retro recipes

  15. Why did this grow out of fashion? It actually looks yummy.

  16. Christopher Scafidi

    You are awesome! I'm definitely going to try this one! Thanks!

  17. I'm going to try this, thanks! I've been looking for something to do with my healthy gelatin that is savory.

  18. This reminds me of a Ukrainian dish i love

  19. West Coast Experience

    I dig your groovy videos..!!! hello from California.

  20. Once I accidentally ordered one such cold-served pork gelatin dish. It was tasty but admittedly unfamiliar to us and the old chinese waitress laughed at our confusion at the dish (i'm chinese too but failed to read the menu properly)

  21. this looks kinda ugly but I must say that I can imagine it tasting pretty good!

  22. In northern China there are people who make cold-served pork gelatin. It's actually the natural collegan in the pork with skin on. They seasoned it, boil and wait it to cool, then cut into slices... I have never tried though. When I was little, I like to eat the homemade left over fish cold, because the soup with fish just become gelatine phase, still it's the collagen inside that does it..It taste so good. I think as long as the meat isn't very oily, it's gonna taste awesome

  23. The Vintage Kitchen

    Lol. I think it was love 🙂

  24. What was up with the 1950's & gelatin ? .

  25. o.o I'm gonna try this with Tuna. x:

  26. The Vintage Kitchen

    To be honest, I'm surprised more people didn't have that reaction, lol. My husband told me it tasted nice but please could I not EVER make it again.

  27. IS it wrong that this recipe made me want to throw up?

  28. Omg jellied chicken? They had some odd ideas back in the day!

  29. this looks so strange but im interested

  30. The Vintage Kitchen

    Lol, I have more than a few of those recipes coming up 😉

  31. The Vintage Kitchen

    To be honest, I thought everyone would ask me what was I thinking? 😉

  32. The Vintage Kitchen

    We had it for dinner with extra salad 🙂

  33. looks delicious! what would you serve it with?

  34. mustard makes it taste even better ^ w ^

  35. looks yummy…

  36. Ok..will be nice to try out this Summer. The recipe was published on the same date i was born..11yrs later 🙂

  37. The Vintage Kitchen

    Not really. It's more like a regular chicken salad but the texture of the dressing is extra creamy.

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