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How to Make Vegan Banana Muffins | Dessert Recipes | Allrecipes.com

Mashed ripe bananas, nutmeg, sugar, and coconut milk blend perfectly to create fluffy and delectable muffins. Cooked to a golden brown and deliciously fragrant once out of the oven, your friends and family will be sure to enjoy them warm, and freshly baked! Get the recipe for Vegan Banana Muffins at: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/233146/vegan-banana-muffins/

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  1. I’m new with keto diet an i tough no bananas to eat/ could someone tell me yes or no//

  2. Wow, a very large amount of oil. Vegan but not particularly healthy. You clearly see a bit of con artistry in the very idea of "vegan sugar". I suppose they sell what they call "vegan sugar" for a very elevated price. You can find better recipes for the same thing without the BS.

  3. Dumb question, but isn’t sugar already vegan to begin with?

  4. Wow so delicious 😋

  5. Joshua Gabriel

    I love it so much!😋😉👌

  6. Too simple to make.

  7. Yes! I love vegan banana muffins. Thank you😍

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