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How To Make Tamales, Mexican Food Recipes Chicken Pork Cheese Dough Masa Sauce Spreader

Tamale Recipe @ https://sites.google.com/site/porktamalerecipe/ Delicious Tamale Recipe can be made with Pork, Chicken and Cheese. Learn how to make the Masa Tamale Dough and Tamale Sauce. Perfect Tamales. How To Use A Masa Spreader.


  1. So she said 25 min steam but other videos say 1 he to 2 which is correct ?

  2. Corey Whitfield

    Thank you so much I love it

  3. god i love you. Thank you for filling my 24 year old belly that has few skills and doesn't know how to cook shet

  4. This is a great video. Excellent editing and very easy to follow. Thanks!

  5. Vicente Servantes

    Ah man I love tamales I never learn how to make those but I'm going to try now watching this video

  6. wow Philippine mom know how to cook

  7. Beautiful!!

  8. Eskittiiittt

  9. I'm picky about who cooks tamales bc there's never enough meat in them but yours looks great.

  10. Hi I was craving Tamales and wanted to know how to make it.I came across your channel and loved how easy and simple you made your Tamales.I am definitely going to try your recipe.It looks so delicious!

  11. Tried this recipe last night, turned out great! Very delicious! Thx Mai

  12. This looks good and delicious but she is not giving any measure for the amount.
    People like me try the first time is very hard to guess how much to use, especially the Masa corn mix, baking powder..etc. .
    This is the first and only recipe I have ever seen without amount information…

  13. Ur cooking so hygenic and beautiful mai! Please show us pho recipe and banhmi chicken recipe.Camong! Kablai

  14. I like this video. I especially like like the steam pot that you cooked the tamales in. It doesn’t look like the tamale steamer at the local store. Please tell me the name and brand of steam pot that you use.

  15. Cameron Prather

    One MEATY tamale‼️

  16. Adrianna Castillo

    Your tamales look so delicious I had to try this recipe! I hope mine come out just as well as yours did.

  17. TheSundaysinner

    Pretty good video. Been making tamales for a while (usually at christmas). This is a good place to start to learn how to make tamales, and start adjusting the recipe to your own liking. I like how she re-used the pork broth.

  18. Ferrufino Family Forever native and mexican

    Wow beautiful tutorial…im making them for my in laws …

  19. What ingredient can be used in place of the lard?

  20. that looks good

  21. Thank u this was so much fun to make i just made them 💖💋💎 God bless u

  22. Thanks u for ur video. I will be trying ur reciepe. ❤️

  23. I grew up eating tamales my mom would make them for the holidays, and watching this video makes me appriaciate all the work it takes to make them. Your tamales look delicious!

  24. Great tutorial, Thank you 😊

  25. Mai- Thank you for this WONDERFUL recipe. I made some Pork Tamales tonight and they were SO GOOD!..very easy to make with your excellent video and easy to follow. Merry Christmas to you. And thanks again for sharing

  26. cool recipe

  27. you have such a kind manner and loving way of speaking. Thank you for your very well done video!

  28. Chị Mai ơi, em không hiểu tại sao lớp bột chen giữa lớp vỏ bắp, vậy chị làm sao mà gỡ vỏ bắp ra mà cái tamale nó có thể thành hình ống được? Chị hiểu ý em nói chứ? Nếu mà mình bao thịt bằng lớp bột bắp thì nó mới ra hình ống, còn đằng này bột bao lá bắp, rồi lá bắp bao thịt thì em không biết làm sao mà nó có thể ra được hình ống 1 khi gỡ vỏ bắp ra!!

  29. Lemón deRangello

    I LOVE HOW HAPPY YOU ARE..!!! you are a blessing!

  30. For how many people is the recipe for?

  31. Rosalinda Bloodflowers

    I like how neat and organized everything is 😄

  32. My stomach's growling louder than a bear over here!

  33. Seems like a lot of work

  34. he hee I use every kind of meat there is > Shrimp, Fish andTurkey too!  Just what ever I got. for enchilada and tamales.   I use tamales!  With a enchilada sauce, To me I like the Masa  better than flour or corn tortillas.  I use brisket too in all of my Tex Mex dishes too. Just got more mmm favor   IT JUST DON'T MAKE SINCE TO PUT CHICKEN OR BEEF BROTH INTO PORK I don't do my pork that way  I WANT TO TASTE THE REAL PORK, pork broth or bacon drippings or HAM HOCKS dripping

  35. So professional!! And they look amazing!

  36. You made it look so effortless! I'm making these soon. Thank you

  37. Omg you have made it look possible….i can't wait to try thank you!

  38. Tallal Labanieh

    Please don't stop making videos. You are very good at cooking, very clean, and have amazing sauces.

  39. Can you make a chile verde for tamales please?

  40. Wow I watched this video like 5 times already. I love this video and the detail on how you make them. This is the best tamale video I seen and they look really good.

  41. Gonna try it!

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