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How To Make Sweet And Sour Pork-Chinese Food Recipes-Sauce

Sweet And Sour Pork Recipe available @ https://sites.google.com/site/sweetandsourporkrecipe/ How To Cook Sweet And Sour Pork-Sweet And Sour Sauce. Chinese Food Recipes.


  1. great recipe and good directions lovely LADY

  2. Why is she smiling so much?weird

  3. very slow demo….this dish is very simple and fast cooking recipe

  4. Good video

  5. Like how it looks. Will cook it today. Thanks.

  6. i made it today. heavenly.

  7. yum yum! 😘 that's how I do my SSP too … I just add sesame oil to the sauce …..love it!💜

  8. I watched this but I'm not even goling to cook it, but it looks really good.☺

  9. I tried it for dinner tonight and it turned out so good.Thanks for sharing the recipe, will continue to follow for more recipes. Regards from Philippines

  10. Luciano Teles de Medeiros

    Amazing recipe chef, I enjoy it a lot, thanks

  11. Thank you so much

  12. very very clear and good video. haha dont stop smiling aunty, you have a very sweet smile. thumbs up!

  13. i dnt have chinese cooking wine, can i use mirin instead??

  14. Nice

  15. Love it love it…learn with u..thank u so much to teach us.

  16. Nice presentation!!

  17. I am cooking this right now. Thank you

  18. Excellent explanation demonstration and smile

  19. I enjoyed the video. The step by step. I notice you never indicated the measure amounts for the ingredients. That would of help someone like me who does cook much Chinese food. I love it and usually eat in a restaurant. I will try and make this dish. Hope it comes out as good as you're on the video….

  20. this recipe is for how many people?

  21. Good job

  22. i cant eat pork but i wanna try on beef meat

  23. It looks so good! This is my favorite Chinese food!!!!! I will definitely try this!!!

  24. Thank you chị Mai nhiều lắm,chị hướng dẩn nhiều món ăn ngon, thu Hà rất là thích, nhiều lúc thu Hà nghĩ thu Hà không biết dùng lời cám ơn chị như thế nào để chị hiểu được là Thu Hà rất rất là cám ơn chị nhiều lắm.

  25. My Basil Leaf-Vietnamese-Asian And American Comfort Food Recipes

    Jolene8 you are most welcome. Thank you so much for being a valued subscriber, for watching and commenting.

  26. A-mazing! This recipe is wow. I chose it because of it's visual appeal. Other vids left little to be desired. My family loved it.Thank you Madame. 🙂

  27. mmmm looks yummy! Will make this for dinner!!

  28. Great recipe as usual mey. Just 2 questions please. I have pork short ribs in the freezer and was wondering if I cold use this instead of pork shoulder & if so do I make adjustments to the recipe . Also, is mushroom soy ok? That is what I have. 🙂

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