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How to Make Manicotti Italian Casserole | Dinner Recipes | Allrecipes.com

A baked pasta dish never tasted so good! Blends of cheese, Italian sausage, red sauce, and herbs make this a splendid meal! Mushrooms, rigatoni pasta, and delectable beef make this a classic dish for the whole family! Get the recipe for Manicotti Italian Casserole: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/87845/manicotti-italian-casserole/

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  1. destroyer_of_houseplants

    You guys definitely mislabeled this because this is in no way manicotti.

  2. This isn't manicotti!

  3. Bravo…of all the hundreds of cooking post(s) I've watched, this is the first time the mixing was done in the cooking vessel :), not a biggie, just eliminated an other dirty bowl.

  4. Definitely NOT manicotti! I can't tell if it is supposed to be a baked ziti or mashed up, noodle pizza.

  5. What Fresh Hell is This?!? No Italian was involved with this Alleged Recipe!

  6. Whatsa matta you? No kapish manocotti?

  7. You need to change the title of this recipe! Looks delicious! But I would've scorched the cheese & pepperonis a little longer put it under the broiler 😋! 🤗💙 From Tennessee 💙

  8. Over cooked pasta. Put in over & over cook it some more. Oh you forgot the manicotti. Oh you shouldn't put pepperoni on top. Oh I guess you can do whatever you want it's your reiepe.

  9. Uh….where are the seasonings???

  10. Love Allrecipes ….but have to say, I grew up in an Italian neighborhood and no way would that ever be considered Manicotti..
    it's baked Ziti! Manicotti is large pasta tubes stuffed with cheese!

  11. my only gripe is the canned mushrooms otherwise this looks sexy

  12. my only gripe is the canned mushrooms otherwise this looks sexy

  13. coco coci Shirogane


  14. Good morning! Thanks for sharing

  15. Cindy Andreosatos

    I do the same thing but with chicken and NOT jar sauce

  16. Never seen this in Italy LOL

  17. Where's the manicotti? 🤔

  18. I will make ziti Italian dishes NOT manicotti!!!

  19. That's called baked ziti NOT manicotti. It looks like baked ziti pizza!

  20. SRM Solar radiation management Geoengineering

    It's basically spaghetti Bolognese.

  21. KinkyCurlyDiva16

    It look tasteless and plain

  22. That's NOT! manicotti, that's baked ziti! manicotti is a stuffed pasta with ricotta cheese and mozzarella and never!! has pepperoni in it.

  23. I’m first yayyyy

  24. The pasta looks overcooked. Those are rigatoni not manicotti.

  25. Looks so good!😉👍💙💙💙💙💙💙

  26. Looks soo gooooodddd

  27. I'm first now!!!

  28. First

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