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How To Make Cotton Soft Sponge Cake | Castella Cake Recipe


Read the full recipe: http://yummyeasycooking.blogspot.co.uk/2017/08/cotton-soft-sponge-cake-recipe.html

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  1. Schön lecker

  2. What should be the size of the loaf pan? If top and bottom heat it should be conventional. What do u mean by fan assisted? I don't think can have the two features together. Either the conventional or true fan cooking.

  3. For all those who tried n it failed n for all those who asking y doesnt she use baking powder: if i m not wrong,cake flour is a mixture of maida,baking powder n baking soda….its already mixed n seived well.she isnt using plain maida flour but cake flour

  4. WOW! What kind of sifter is dat? 😮

  5. Sathvik Shanigaram

    nice cake

  6. for you all i am saying that write all the amounts and hints.and then folow it.

  7. thanx alot imade it today and got success.it was too much delicious and soft.JAZAKALLAH >MAY GOD BLESS YOU>

  8. I just wanted to thank you for sharing such an amazing yet simple n successful recepi,i just tried it n it turned out super soft n after watching your vedios my confidence on baking boosts up,thank you so much 😅

  9. ዜድ ኢትዮጵያ

    No sawn way

  10. Is me baking powder nh dala gia…????……to yr khsy pool gia….???
    R is me cake flour jo dala…wo maida hi hy na?????

  11. Can anyone tell why lemon is use in the recipe??

  12. الكيكة طعمهة خرة😈😡

  13. did you have any recipe on how to make a fluffy cake without oven

  14. Tarekuzzaman Tarek


  15. Can I stream the cake, instead of oven bake??

  16. great video. but is it okay to use cold eggs? since many pro chefs said eggs at room temperature is the best for baking goods since it's more stable & will make the cake light & fluffy

  17. Wow it looks very delicious

  18. why my egg white didnt get foamy ? .. it almost 15mins and it still looks thin .. someone help me

  19. Its very test

  20. Can you share the name of the enamel pots and pans you are using?

  21. Shjnar ut

  22. محمد غنيم

    جيد جدا

  23. محمد غنيم

    مفيش حد يترجم لينا الوصفة ده

  24. Personally I don't know what's so special about this cake; I know it's very popular in Japan and I've tried it (including when I lived in Japan, and at the best bakeries there) and it always seems a bit dry and dull. It looks nice though, in a clean and simple way, so i think it appeals to Japanese aesthetics which favour elegance and minimalism. It's often served during traditional Japanese tea ceremony because of its classy look. Not using baking powder makes it very tricky and personally I can't afford to waste that much butter and eggs. I'll stick with my mother's British sponge cake recipe, thank you very much; works perfectly every time.

  25. This video prodution is by far the best i have ever seen

  26. wooooooooow

  27. Amazing video . Love your channel . Check out my channel for amazing Indian recipes

  28. 😉😉😉😉😉amazing speeeeechles thanks to share this video

  29. At last …..on my 5th attempt I reached d destination….thank U for d recepie

  30. Dear Mr.Josephine
    I was try 3 tie but the whites egg and lemon with sugar doesn't gave me a foamy.
    do you think the recipes have different kinds egg or lemon?

  31. Kgothatso Moabelo

    we don't add baking powder

  32. Kgothatso Moabelo

    we don't add baking powder

  33. This cake recipe looks beautiful I haven't tried it out yet but I'm looking forward to it

  34. egg ni dale to kese bnega

  35. 😮😮😮👌👌

  36. can I use flour if I dent have cake flour

  37. can i strain the batter to have n0 bubbles stuff?

  38. abhinavkumar gupta


  39. Lol her channel name shouldn't be "Josephine's Recipes",
    It should be "Josephine's Sponge Cakes"


  40. well, thanks.
    i remember it!!!!!! ^_^ : )

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