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Grilled Salmon Recipe – Easy and Delicious

Try this grilled salmon recipe. It’s super easy to make and is sure to please.

For complete video recipe visit:


  1. Trying this as I type !!!!

  2. Which kind of this grill is?

  3. coolmathgame Alokoa

    Thank you, salmon's perfect for diet.

  4. You know, I've nev er had fresh salmon until tonight and this is amazing flavor. Good job keep up the vids. I will say one thing though for other people who are watching, it might be even better with orageno and basil so if have any, try it.

  5. Where can i get this grill? And what temp is it set at

  6. Simple, elegant and tasty

  7. Healthy and delicious .Thanks for the recipe.

  8. TwoChainzzanaWang

    Dhat looks tasty!! good job. thanks 4 sharing

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