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Food Wishes Recipes – Salmon Baked on Salt Recipe – Salmon Baked on Aromatic Salt

Learn how to make a Salmon Baked on Aromatic Salt Recipe. Visit http://foodwishes.com to get more info, and watch over 350 free video recipes.


  1. I love your nail polish Cheff John.

  2. use the salt on your steak guys

  3. Hahaha! "I have a cayenne fetish." Yeah we know!

  4. What worries me most about salt cooking is not the sodium that gets into the food, which is very little, as it is more of a heat sink/transference mechanism, but what to do RESPONSIBLY with the salt afterwards. Chef, John, do you have a way of addressing this? The heat kills any pathogens (if the salt doesn't) but haw can it be repurposed? Salting saltwater fish for preserving is one idea, but what else?

  5. will this work with cod?

  6. spoonfulofsmiles

    could you use the salt afterwards? its okay right??

  7. ''I will at one point demo how to do a whole fish in salt''
    Still waiting John, it's been 4 years!
    I'm old now, I have a wife and 3 kids.

  8. Stop using so much cayenne and your fingernails won't go all fire engine red.

  9. Chef, you have such purty fingernails

  10. Just finished eating this- this was perfect. Best salmon I have ever had. Thank you!

  11. I still haven't seen a whole bake fish video from you!!!

  12. Why did u paint your nails???

  13. <<<salmon addict sailing through salmon vids

  14. What does the parchment do ?

  15. where do you find the smooth jazz in your intros?! it brilliant ( not as brilliant as the cooking, but close)

  16. You can use the salt for other things after. No need to toss it

  17. This was very nice! I got outta control and tried to cedar plank salmon at the same time. This turned out perfect. Cedar planked salmon.. not so much! Instead of a hint of cedar, it was more like eating cedar with a hint of salmon.

    Maybe you could do a cedar planked salmon recipe?

  18. i thought the chef himself is putting on some nail polish lool

  19. watching this when really really hungry 🙁

  20. Chef john painted his nails

  21. Could you use some fancy salt like himalayan pink salt?

  22. no one will like ur comment is his wife hand -.-

  23. Nice nails Chef John!

  24. Chef John.. you shouldn't use "I" and "my" in this video, especially with those hands and manicures, you could fool people (like me) XD

  25. is this a sin =D

  26. My, my, Chef John… getting manicures are you..
    Lol, took me a minute to realize it wasn't his hands….heh.

  27. DarthVaderVoldemort

    Dear Chef John,
    I have a proposal for you – Adopt me and I will be your food taster. That sounds like a good deal.

  28. the sodium level must be fatal…

  29. i like woo hoos..

  30. @HaarigeSache86 No ignore what iCaramel says, kosher salt is called that because it is used in making meat kosher by drawing out blood from it. It is actually called koshering salt. Certain salts can be certified AS kosher, I'm not sure how, but that is not the salt used here.

  31. I love your nails, chef John!

  32. I like your manicure, Chef John.

  33. @HaarigeSache86 Kosher products are products made with equipment blessed by a rabbi. Jewish heritage. Just means during Jewish holidays they are able to use the product without breaking their laws. That's how I've always known it. I worked in a deli and we denied slicing a product for a customer because it was Kosher and our equipment was not blessed by a Rabbi to do so.

  34. cayenne fetish?. of course!

  35. does it taste reaallly really salty???

  36. Was that woohoo a sims joke? I hope to dear god it was.

  37. @Ecwfighting shut itttttttttttttttttt

  38. @Ecwfighting wow man, stop commenting weird stuff

  39. and as always ENJOY!

  40. Chef, John, we need more aromatic salt recipes!

  41. its his wife michelle who i bet is beautiful

  42. If i have salmon that doesnt have skin can i put a layer of parchment between the salmon and salt?

  43. @ThePyschedRoblox tht maybe Mrs. John

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