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  1. Vickie Rabovsky

    Need to use the go pro for the lives

  2. Vickie Rabovsky

    The noise is I think your hands are moving on the phone.

  3. 🛏

  4. How does B like hos new room?? Is his "bed" comfy?

  5. Melissa Taylor

    Great Video. 🛏

  6. Love your cook with me videos, I have tried a few recipes and my family love them too.

  7. heather lawless

    I love your channel! How do I get a cookbook? Also…do you have any suggestions of other channels with uplifting family friendly content like yours to follow?

  8. Like I tell my hubby who is Dan also gotta shave be for the bears cone and get there rocky mountain man back

  9. Marilyn O'Neill


  10. beatriz aceiton

    I love salads, my favorite is romaine lettuce with cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, beets and walnuts on top, my favorite sauce is 100 thousand island or lemon balsamic vinegar.

  11. Stacey Horvath

    🛏 I know you guys know how much I bake and love my sweets but I just can’t eat cheesecake. Hate it. 🤢🤮Don’t know why. I love cream cheese and I can eat it right out of the package but cheesecake, not going to happen. Surprising right?

  12. Tiffaney Hoffman

    Salad supreme season is really good in that

  13. I just shared this video for Facebook

  14. Dorianne Greene

    How can I order a cookbook? My friends wanted me to order them ones as well. Is 10 too much to order?? Thanks 😊

  15. how do i get a signed cook book, guys? I NEED one. Please. 🙁

  16. Danny we know you have feelings we all seen you cry ,,,,,,, L. O. L. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

  17. You should try putting Olive Garden Italian dressing so bomb!

  18. Priscilla Melgar

    I want a cook book how do I get one???

  19. Hi from Tasmania Australia…. I'm a new to your channel, love watching you guys !

  20. camelia cristea


  21. camelia cristea

    Do bad I can't be on time for live video……… always watching your videos. Thanks. Please, can you have more cook with me ?

  22. Margaret McDonald

    I always miss your live show but i enjoy watching you the next day. 8 hours time difference here in Scotland.

  23. Marilyn Koenig

    By the way Danny when you had the two on and Tina had two you where crying at 2 lol. Now if I hurt your feelings I didn't mean to so I totaly apologize. That wasn't my intention.

  24. Add salami, pepperoni, roasted peppers and mozzarella. Also some garlic salt and pepper

  25. is braden shy he never hardly talks the 2 younger brothers they love to talk up a storm ethan and elijah

  26. Page Rakestraw

    Danny starting to look like grizzly Adams

  27. Page Rakestraw

    Tina is💪🏽

  28. Page Rakestraw

    # noexcusedanny

  29. i do not like that cheesecake factoryor that reataurant i hateiti love the kind thats froma boxjello brand w/cherriessprry thats theway it is toomany things on the menu also dont care forthat place ewwh do you know why let me say why the first time i ever went there 2 goony young women wehad to sit by them they were boozin it upand were very loud i could not stand iti worked allday and it made me so upset

  30. 🛏🛋

  31. C Elaine Hedley

    I watched the pain simulator and I don't get it …. why do they make them and why do people use them … what purpose do they serve??!!

  32. Sorry I missed the live. I was picking my son up from the airport in Boise.

  33. Susan Richards

    It’s muffled

  34. Susan Richards

    Yes it’s better

  35. I missed your live 😪 🛏

  36. yay, can't wait for my cookbook to get here.

  37. don't shave Danny…. my son says only "real dads" have beards and facial hair. my husband wants to shave his off so bad, but he can't because he won't be a real dad anymore.

  38. Melissa Scoggins

    ugh something is wrong with my phone…it won't let me watch this one…soooo frustrated…

  39. Cheryl Ann Smith

    sending my prayers for Nana…Love her, she is so adorable-God Bless <3

  40. Bacon & a ranch base are also really good on that salad 😀 YUM!

  41. Wooooo Kings!! lol

  42. 🛏 but really futon. 🛋 Lol!

  43. Shana Lee, Bridges Crossing Bridges

    Pepperoni and salami work BUT SERIOUSLY HOW DOES #PHILLIPSFAMBAM NOT have salami?!!!

    Im watching the video, LIVE always has issues its not just you guys.

    I've asked before and don't recall an answer and I don't recall any videos on it either, and my husband and I are wondering how did you become Green Bay fans?

  44. crowdedisolation

    I can only barely hear Tina and i Have the volume all the way up.

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