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Easy Dessert Recipes, Jelly Slice, 4 Ingredients, Kim McCosker

http://www.4ingredients.com.au/ – Easy Dessert Recipes, Jelly Slice, 4 Ingredients, Kim McCosker. This simple and easy to make Jelly Slice from 4 Ingredients KIDS Cookbook It’s quick easy enjoy delicious uses things you already. Here’s the recipe:

JELLY SLICE – makes 20
3 pkts raspberry (or any flavour) jelly crystals
3 cups (750ml) boiling water
1 tbs. gelatin
1 cup (250ml) cream (lite works too)
Combine jelly crystals, water and gelatine and stir until dissolved. Add cream and stir through. Pour in to a slice tray and refrigerate overnight. Cut into slices before serving.
This is great to do with the kids, let the scence (magic) do its work and watch the jelly and cream separate forming perfect layers of delicious raspberry jelly & cream slice. Great on these hot days as a snack. To find out more about our iApp, here’s the link:



  1. I'm 41 and I love jello

  2. madam can i use wipping cream instead of cream

  3. Mahadev Khandalkar

    my heavy cream looks more thicker than what you used. what should i do?

  4. I like how you talk

  5. Superb and a very simple recipe to follow.

  6. wow thank

  7. Whipped or heavy cream?

  8. wat kind of cream? heavy,whipped,all purpose cream? or any will do?

  9. hey dear…looks amazing
    just needed to ask that what was the weight of jello packets which u added coz they come in different sizes or grams

  10. Luyện Ngô Trọng


  11. Can we use fresh milk of using instead if whipping cream?

  12. my gelatin never sets, I have tried most of the methods. Can anyone tell me what could be the reason please.

  13. mahinth suiyatha1976

    what type of cream?

  14. Beautiful video, kitchen and lady!

  15. jdkkdow

  16. Azmawati's Kitchen

    it looks very delicious. i definitely try it at home

  17. its saparates or not

  18. can u tell again wht is the name of third ingredient aftr jelly?

  19. can i use whipping cream

  20. lumps were formed when i put cream in the mixture

  21. Cream is condensed milk?

  22. im from uk we have already made jelly in cube patterns

  23. Pasteles La MoreliAna


  24. karen san rosario

    only that!!!!!!huh i dont want to watch it anymore…..

  25. Can we heat it on a gas stove instead of heating in a microwave?

  26. I loved that video,why did so many people disliked it!!

  27. hi may I know how many grams per packet? we have two sizes here in our country. thanks! 🙂

  28. I think u should use warm water

  29. Would this work with coconut milk?

  30. I made something like this before, with coconut milk (the thick white kind) and lime Jello and it turned out pretty good. I thought the milk would stay mixed with the gelatin when it firmed up, but it actually separated into two separate solid layers. It tasted really good.

  31. what cream do you use???

  32. what cream do you use???

  33. if I use jello. I have to add more gelatin?

  34. hi! I love this I'm looking something like that for my daughter birthday party!
    white kind of cream you use??

  35. very clear instruction. Thank you.

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