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DIJON BAKED SALMON | my favorite easy salmon recipe

This salmon recipe is so incredibly easy and it’s bursting with flavor. Just coat a large salmon fillet with my Dijon mix and bake it for 18-20 minutes. The end result is a healthy baked salmon recipe that’s super moist, light and flaky. It’s also paleo, low-carb, keto and Whole30 friendly. A family favorite dinner recipe for sure! And it makes for some tasty weekly meal prep (if you watched last week’s video). Enjoy!

For the FULL Dijon Baked Salmon recipe: http://bit.ly/2FbdxkZ

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  1. Hi guys! If you watch my IG stories, you've seen me eating this salmon for the past several weeks. Ha! It's sooo good. Definitely a recipe to have on repeat and it makes for great meal prep as well! If you're looking for a delicious side dish recipe to serve with it, I recommend my Garlic Sautéed Swiss Chard and Mashed Cauliflower. Both recipes are on my website. Enjoy! – xo, Lisa

  2. Amanda Frederickson

    Such a healthy and tasty meal! Perfect for weeknight cooking!

  3. Tea-Licious With Yulia

    Looks amaizing! Yulia xx

  4. Lisa, I really love your channel and recipes!  I have cooked few thinks from your website, like the salmon patties that turned out amazing and boiling the eggs for 6.5 min was genius. And I love how clean and structured and fresh your videos are 🙂 Thank you for sharing all the good things with us!

  5. I am very lucky to live in the Northwest region of Washington State. I buy all my fish from https://www.facebook.com/Trollerpointfisheries. It is a family run business and everything is line caught in Alaska and flash frozen within an hour or two of being caught. I don't think it matters where you live, but if you live by an ocean you can find and support small fishermen who support environmentally friendly practices. There are many online.

  6. the best recipes on youtube

  7. Olga-Sarah Velkovich

    LOVE it!

  8. Thanks for the info. Love salmon too, but how do we know for sure that it's wild caught. Saw on Dr. Oz they are cheating in labels. Ahhh, so difficult to get clean fresh food. Thanks!!

  9. Brock Khetarpal

    I am going to try out this recipe soon. Love your channel! Thank you for all the amazing videos!

  10. Another great idea from you, thank you! Does keeping the skin keep salmon less prone to drying while baking? I usually do not like on my plate, especially when the scales are left, but removing it is also such a pain in the butt 😀 Please tell me it's better to leave on :D)) I very much agree with you on the kinds of salmon to eat – since Atlantic is used in most restaurants, especially sushi places, I never order it when eating out. Especially sad because many people opt out for a "healthier" meal by ordering fish (aka Atlantic salmon).

  11. I eat salmon at least twice a week, thanks for the wonderful recipe I for sure will do! #pescetarianfriendly

  12. Is it not required to rinse and pat dry the salmon? Or does it depend on where you buy it? Thanks!

  13. I always love watching all your videos. Hope you can uploads ideas and advice on how to preserve and maintain the freshness of all meat, vegies, fruits that we kept in our fridge. Many thanks, Lisa. 💞👍

  14. I cook like you. I use sockeye. I serve it up with with hericot vert string beans and a salad. It is our favorite meal to make instead of eating out. I love your kitchen. Peace

  15. Excellent recipe and thank you for the tip on Atlantic salmon. I had no idea about this

  16. Looks awesome!! Will make it!! Thank you so much!!

  17. Love Salmon. Will try Coho now as in the past I was not sure of it's quality, usually chose Sockeye. Thank you for this video. 😉

  18. Thanks much👌👌

  19. ❤️❤️😋

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