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Dessert Recipes – How to Make Authentic Tiramisu

Get the recipe for Authentic Tiramisu at: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/239639/authentic-tiramisu/

Give the dinner party a little pick me up with a dessert of dreamy, authentic tiramisu. Layer a platter with espresso-dipped Italian ladyfinger cookies, and a light and rich cream of whipped sugar, egg yolks, brandy, espresso, mascarpone cheese and fluffy egg white. Finish with a tempting dust of cocoa.

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  1. It's RAW!!!

  2. Uncooked eggs?? Yuck!

  3. Can I replace the rum with something non alcoholic?

  4. >raw eggs
    How about NOPE

  5. So eating the Eggs Raw? no thank you.

  6. Looks grody

  7. Your food addiction TRAVEL FOOD

    Sooo nicee

  8. Wow… 😍

  9. Marvincent Acuña

    Uncooked eggs? You should advise using pasteurized eggs.

  10. Brandy substitute?

  11. angelo karl canaleta


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