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Delicious Mediterranean Fattoush Salad! Savory, FullyRaw, & Vegan!

Delicious Mediterranean Fattoush Salad! Savory, FullyRaw, & Vegan! Many of you know I am half Lebanese, and I grew up eating Arabic food. This is a dish after my own heart! Made with Mediterranean spices and savor, this is an easy, simple, and incredibly savory salad that you will love! It’s low fat and requires NO equipment other than a knife and cutting board. Enjoy my friends!


  1. Deborah Brooks

    Where can I find your recipies? They look amazing.

  2. Mostafa Omaima

    This is just a salad and NOT fattoush. It is missing the summac, the olive oil and the grilled bread !? Try to add pomegranate molasses and pomegranate seeds and it is all different level.

  3. Dr.grincon Junior

    Hi, kindly may you please tell us
    How to salad will stay last period life

  4. emmanuelle gianella

    thanks but onion is toxic…

  5. sup with the wooden fork?

  6. Yes 2 Life Show

    Thanks for sharing the recipe! 🙂 Will try it

  7. Definitely not FATTOUSH with no summac, olive oil and promagnate. U forgot the lettuce, Radish & purple cabbage. Just saying the colors of all these veggies together really make the salad even more interesting to the eye. But good job👍👍

  8. Sardar Shahbaz


  9. Ani Nur Mariam

    How many people eat the salad ? Only u ?

  10. Davis Fountain

    I made this but I also added olive oil and parsley. So delicious

  11. iAlicante Mediterranean Properties

    Looks super delicious!

  12. cool

  13. Very nice chef

  14. David Kozinski

    I Love this salad! I add Sumac and Pomegranate molasses to mine.

  15. where is the pita bread??

  16. Mediterranean Diet is the best. And some pure Greek olive oil in your salads is no harm…

  17. vegan means no olive oil 🙁

  18. Blue Lilly Pad

    Would you add Olive Oil? What are your thoughts @FullyRawKristina

  19. Aloha From Heather

    It looks amazing!:)

  20. lourdes haboud

    We use Parsley not cilantro, where are the radishes and sumac? It looks delicious anyway 👍🏻

  21. 😊😊😊

  22. What herb blend does your mom use? Please share, thanks!

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