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Clara’s Great Depression DANDELION SALAD | HARD TIMES – recipes from times of food scarcity

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Welcome back to another episode of Hard Times where I make recipes from times of food scarcity. Today I’m making Clara’s Great Depression Dandelion Salad. Yep, a salad make from weeds.

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  1. I agree, I LOVE bitter and always use rocket/arugula!!

  2. Pick the veg before it blooms to avoid the bitterness.
    Once it has bloomed you can use the flowers to make a salad, also very delicious.

  3. Celestia Linnea

    Yes! Get that sponsorship Emmy!

  4. Yea I would be pretty depressed if that’s all I had to eat !! Healthy but depressed!!😢

  5. Charlie Bondyra

    Emmy could you try making dandelion root coffee/tea? I've read it has good health benefits and it might be something interesting try 🙂

  6. Defensive Wounds

    2:18 – If you cut just the leaves and stem/flower off it and left the root in the ground, it would have resprouted for your bees!

  7. Callie Masters

    I wonder if anybody will watch this video thinking it's food to eat when you have depression?

  8. ldsclarinetgirl

    I love Clara!!! She’s such a sweetheart glad to see you try this!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Catheryn Joy Agbayani

    i read it as depression salad at first glance

  10. I really love this series. Right now my family is having a harder time than usual with groceries. So some inspiration to think outside of the box is helpful…and entertaining. 😉

  11. I'm not sure if this will fit the "hard times" part but years back, in the Philippines, I used to hear news of people making burger patty out of banana peel. The banana they used was saba, a plantain.

  12. Oooh cool

  13. You can eat the flowers also — they have a sweet taste that mixes nicely with the leaves.

  14. Timothy Kerofsky and Family

    I love dandelion root tea, dandelion salad, steamed dandelion greens. Yum! Great video and healthy food! Blessings always!

  15. yeah she had a youtube channel it was awesome unfortunate she passed away but lived a long life

  16. Kristin Almajed

    Dandelion tea is great for your digestion. It also helps to prevent cancer and many others things as well.
    My Dad told me his mother used to have him go out in the backyard and pick the dandelions to make a salad.

  17. Dianne Penfold

    Make Dandelion jelly with the flowers.

  18. In French this is "salade de pissenlit". I'll just point out it gets its name from eating too much of it. "Lit" is bed, "en" is in, and well you can figure out the rest.

  19. I loved her channel and personality so much. I remember I hadn't seen her post in a while and went to her channel to discover she had passed away. Such a beautiful soul and she reminded me of my grandmother.

    I collected all my mom's recipes and have started to make a cookbook of her recipes so that we will never lose them. I also have my grandmother's huge cookbook with all her notes and keepsakes. I think it is important for people to remember these recipes and respect the pass. Thanks Emmy!

  20. Rachael Esther

    I'd love to see some recipes from WW2, so like in the UK (where I am) rationing massively affected cooking – so things like National Loaf, and erzats (sp?) coffee would be really cool to see as I only ever heard about them in History class. This series is so so wonderful and thank you for highlighting Clara's videos, I'd never heard of them and they are lovely.

  21. What a delightful video! I loved Clara and her stories, this was such a sweet reminder of her. And I agree wholeheartedly with your comment about eating bitter food. It's sad to me that some people don't exercise their taste buds. Thank you for another video! 🙂

  22. I've never eaten Dandelion, but in the UK we have a drink called Dandelion & Burdock. Originally it was a sort of mead with dandelion and Burdock being fermented but nowadays it's a fizzy soft drink.
    Growing up our special treat was fish and chips and a bottle of dandelion and burdock 😊

  23. Oh I loved Clara.

  24. It looks a lot like arugula. 😮

  25. Wine? Please do a video when you do …

  26. Emmy, you can also put dandeliom flowers in muffins which are great, and roast the roots with chicory root for a "coffee" drink which is lovely. So versatile! 💕🌱

  27. I remember Clara ❤️ that was such a long time ago, but it’s good her memory can remain. Thank you for doing this, Emmy

  28. We eat dandelion salad every spring it's a speciality at a local restaurant and if you don't book during the season you don't get a table it's so popular. With eggs and lardons and croutons and accompanied by potato roesti or fries! Divine! From Switzerland hi all

  29. KurganGhidorah

    Dandelions are such an overlooked plant. Most people just think of them as pests but if they only knew of the versatile culinary bounty they have in their yards. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the wine comes out, I've heard of it and am very curious about it.

    At the end of the video you also mentioned leaving recipe suggestions. Well, with summer coming along it does tend to get hot and that tends to work up a thirst. A few years ago I tried out a recipe from Townsends called Switchel. Basically it's the colonial era equivalent of Gatoraide and other sport drinks. I've made it before and while not one of my favorites, it's interesting.

  30. When I see Clara I think of my grandma. It is bitter sweet.

  31. Woah!!

  32. Do any of you know who is Karina Garcia

  33. You can make a really good sirup too with the petals

  34. Kamira Kiyohide

    Interesting.. I would never eat them myself but that is really cool

  35. we eat dandelion salad here all the time 😀 well at least when its available hahaha. but im a big fan of a higher acidity so i eat it woth 3 or 4 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 tbsp of oil. and also we drink dandelion tea

  36. Oh nooooooooooooo! I remember when Clara passed, I was so sad. This reminded me of how much I loved watching her 🙁

  37. everytime I see word dandelion I always think about a meme da cheeta is faster dandelion

  38. That looks Good!….sadly I'm highly allergenic to dandelion

  39. When did Clara pass?

  40. Emily Wegscheider

    We eat this all the time in Austria 🙂 I hated picking it as a child 😂 very good and healthy though. We always add warm potatoes, try it !!

  41. Please try The Poor Man's meal from Clara! Or maybe the breakfast cookies 😀

  42. Hi Emmy! I have an old recipe for you! Its called "macaroni milk". Its something my dad grew up on, his Finnish grandmother and mom would make it and it was passed on into my household. I still eat it to this day- it's something I think you might need to be familiar with to like. My mom and boyfriend both never had it in their lives and hated it when they tried it so i think that plays a huge part. Anyway! No measurement here- boil some elbow noodles or any noodle with a hole. Drain and return to pot with milk to cover noodles and add salt and butter to taste. Heat til warm 🙂 and that's it! Cheap quick and its filling, with 4 ingredients if you count salt. I loved this video and Clara, I remember watching her dandelion salad video and this just made me so happy to see. Thanks again Emmy, we love you here in YouTube land! ❤

  43. I’m Italian and we call this Cicoria we boil it and drain it than we usually fry it in a little oil with salt , hot pepper flakes , fresh garlic and sometimes a little lemon!! It’s delicious and we usually eat it in a panini or on pizza even in wraps! My Nonna and Nonno do annual trips with their friends to collect a lot of cicoria!!

  44. In Greece ,we boil them and pour some olive oil and lemon on top

  45. adorably smug little bastard

    "Sadly Clara has passed" me: D:Wishing flowers

  46. Weeds are just plants that are in the wrong place 🙂

  47. Sharon Pearson

    We eat dandelions here. But in New Zealand is called Puha. And it's eaten as Puha and pork bones. I ate Puha to replenish my iron levels when I miscarried my fiest child over 3 weeks. I was extremely low in iron and Puha is chocker full

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