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Chicken Recipes – How to Make Mexican Chicken Bake

Get the recipe for Healthy Mexican Chicken Bake at http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Healthy-Mexican-Chicken-Bake/Detail.aspx

In this video, we’ll show you how a little bit of cheese, jarred salsa and cumin turn regular chicken breasts into a Mexican-inspired dinner. In under an hour, you’ll be feeding your family a home-cooked healthy meal.

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  1. Stephanie Hamrick

    I know its been said. but im not fond of the new narrator either. sounds like a very bored 16 year old reading an essay in class. the original was perfect.

  2. God this bitch's voice is so annoying -.-

  3. but we need know how to make the salsa

  4. bring back the old voice over, please and thank you 

  5. The old narrator was so comforting… This one is eh

  6. I don't care for the new narrator

  7. dont like the voice over at all..sounds like shes reading and uninterested

  8. Fernando Gutierrez

    If this is mexican it's not authentic it should've been called mexican INSPIRED chicken bake

  9. Yvette Villarreal

    Has in this recipe been done before?

  10. There wasnt a shred of Mexican Gastronomy on this dish

  11. Looks good, but..DAMN that's a sad amount of salsa, lol. Think I'd doubled or maybe even triple the sauce. I hate dry chicken.

  12. Liznamir Corchado

    Terrible voice over … But the recipe is good

  13. I come for the recipes, I could careless who is doing the narrating! 

  14. Wtf….. where is the lady?????

  15. This is not mexican food. There is no such thing as healthy mexican food. Looks good though.

  16. I love original Voiceover!!!

  17. I really love your channel and your work. But… i'm mexican and  i didn't hear nothing about this meal. Even i didnt know that exist this recipe. However it looks tasty. good job.

  18. Jazzy Nail Designs

    301+views 🙂 never been that early 🙂

  19. Zarde Monstersson

    yh about 45minutes per side with chicken :I

  20. Agree with the other comments—bring back the original voiceover lady!!  This sounds like some dumb college valley girl 🙁

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