Cheese Egg Sandwich a tasty breakfast recipe




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Bread Sandwich for breakfast recipes
cheese egg sandwich by kitchen with amna


  1. U can write English?

  2. What mozzarella I don't know

  3. me to abhi bnane lga hn …itne maze ka lg ra …yummyyy

  4. i tried and it was awesome thank you for the recipe 🙂

  5. Tasty 😋😋

  6. experiment kiya hai….cheese kabhi egges me mixx karte hai kya

  7. Good.recipe.madam.wah.wah

  8. Basically French toast with everything else in😂

  9. How that mad women fry that bread bread takes in old tats why e fat

  10. Ur recipes r very nice n specially ur method of recipy

  11. boht acha smjhya bus pouder k name b pls urdu mai bata dia kryn

  12. I love your recipe and you tooo sis….. wowww..

  13. ur recipies r very easy….😍😘

  14. Weldon amna

  15. She is Pakistani or Indian

  16. i have eaten its too good
    keep it up
    bs video ke end pr jo ilaan kiya hai vo sun kr thori hasi ati hai

  17. cunjoosee

  18. very nice😋😋

  19. tastyyyyyy….😋😋

  20. very easy thanks

  21. very nice

  22. nice recipe

  23. really nice!

  24. hi  salaam o alikum amna  your very good  I like you and your recipe i am from London Essex  thank you

  25. Use CC to get ingredient portions in English

  26. Pulina Roy Choudhury

    Very nice breakfast 🍛

  27. recipe is nice but your method of cooking is bad

  28. Cheers for having English captions, the food looks absolutely amazing!

  29. which cheese??

  30. nice..very simple..thankyou

  31. Easy and tasty recipe.

  32. To much tasty api

  33. Muslim , appricated
    recipe , bekaar

  34. this is very useful recipe . thank you amma

  35. Loved it 😘😘
    Keep it up.

  36. Leno Pappis - Reality Academy

    why put the title in english, if you are not going to speak english?

  37. superb i tried it tq

  38. baqi ki cheese apny use Kahan p ki??

  39. I prefer dipping bread in battra then puttting veggie in the pan

  40. kia bakwas recipe banai hai

  41. Assalam-o-Alaikum amna bji ap plzz jo chezn dalti hen unky nam urdu me btye ga plzzzz kch aisi videos hen jin mje chezn ky nam ni pta chla kn c hti hen narz bi mt ho gye plzzz

  42. love from India. jus cooked and had. Amazing taste. thank you.

  43. Looks really yummy but bit oily

  44. please cut down the background music . ITs stupid and i could not follow what you are talking

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