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Caramelized Pork Recipe (Thit Kho Recipe)

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Hi everyone!
Welcome to my cooking channel (food channel)!
In this video I’m going to show you how to make easy delicious recipe of Caramelized Pork. It’s a delicious Vietnamese food, so comforting and cozy meal that can warm you up!
You can make this recipe in crock pot, Just put all the ingredients together in crock pot, and forget about it until you are ready to eat!
Thank you so much for watching my cooking video!


  1. Older videos still so good!!!

  2. please Seonkyoung tell me the difference betwen rice wine and chinese cooking wine thank you

  3. I'm Vietnamese. I usually do a mix of soy sauce and fish sauce–3:2 ratio. NIce work!

  4. This looks good, but I can't find a written recipe anywhere. Its hard to cook without knowing the amounts – for instance how many pounds of meat?

  5. im from vietnam and i usually eat it with kimchi, the kimchi work perfectly well lol

  6. Looks delicious!!!!! I have got to try this.


  8. Seonkyoung Longest

    It gives such a great flavor to the dish! 😀

  9. Wow. I've never used coconut water when cooking before!!

  10. Seonkyoung Longest

    woot~woot~ Good luck in your kitchen~ <3

  11. Loves it, will try this recipe tomorrow

  12. Seonkyoung Longest

    The acidity of rice wine will help more dipper flavor for the dish and also brings everything together. 🙂 If you don't have it you can skip it, but it is definitely better with it for my taste.

  13. What's the rice wine for? What of I don't have rice wine? Will ot affect the dish?

  14. Seonkyoung Longest

    You're more than welcome!!

  15. You are cute and adorable! Thank you for posting!

  16. Seonkyoung Longest

    Thank you! I hope you enjoy my recipes!! <3

  17. OMG, that looks delicious! It will help if you type the list of ingredients. Thank you for those yummy recipes

  18. you should change your video titles you will get more views

  19. That looks great and you are so adorable! Thank you for sharing your recipes.

  20. When are you going to upload your new video.

  21. yup we love you more

  22. Seonkyoung Longest

    레시피 블로그에 올렸어요~ ^^ 확인해보세요!!

  23. i cant belive that you're cooking my country's food xD
    I love this too <3

  24. Patricia Murray

    This looks amazing! I hope to be able to make it soon!

  25. omg i love your serving dishes! your presentation at the table is amazing!! 실제의 레스토랑 같네요!

  26. You are so evil. >◡< You make me hungry every single time.

  27. Eugenie Kitchen

    Blackboard가 너무 예쁘다고 생각했었는데, 비디오에서 보이네요.. ^_^ 노력 많이하는 동생 너무 이쁘고 새로 시작하는 플랜도 잘되길 바래요! 근데 Korean spicy 새우 recipe 블로그에서 안보이던데 부탁해요~

  28. Le Crueset!!! I saw that pan in my local Marshall's. Either you live near me or you're reading my mind. 😉

  29. One of my favorite smells in a kitchen is when you deglaze a pan with onion, garlic & wine! MMmmm..makes me hungry just thinking about it…lol

  30. Awesome!

  31. Seonkyoung Longest

    I love coffee patbingsu, I would share when the summertime coming! 🙂

  32. Seonkyoung Longest

    Of course you can!

  33. How do you make fried kelp?

  34. Yummy!! I love lime 🙂

  35. Just like mom's mmmm nom nom nom. Thịt kho ngon quá!

  36. Thit kho yeaaaaaa 😀 really good 😀 do you have any patbingsu recipes for when the weather is warmer :)?

  37. Can I substute pork with chicken?

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