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Cajun Chicken Pasta Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 806

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  1. People use breast because it's lower in calories.

  2. I have been making it since last year. Tastes delicious loved it

  3. Thanks for sharing i love your channel

  4. This was so yummy. Needed a little more seasoning for my taste, though. I added in a whole packet of Sazon Goya.

  5. Elizabeth Anderson

    OMG this has become one of my favorites sooo delicious and so easy

  6. No one cajun chicken pasta is as divine as yours!!! I've made this twice and it is amazingly delicious!!!!! I had a request if u could plz make an updated meat sauce recipe I have ground beef and ground chicken if u could tell me how and what the best thing to do is and I also don't drink wine and can't have it in my food.

  7. My boyfriend is lactose intolerant is there a substitute for the cream?

  8. Does it bother anyone else that she finish cooking the pasta in the pan with all sauce

  9. my god, how you stay so fit!? your man? one lucky man! bonabetit! looks amazing.

  10. i dont understand y people keep saying that she doesnt chew. i mean how long can u chew on a piece of chicken? And she did chew btw but it was maybe for 2/3 seconds which is enough for a small piece of chicken.

  11. MADE IT. F***** GOOD!

  12. 👍🏻

  13. Can you please do a vegetarian version of Cajun flavoured pasta?

  14. Can you serve this with mash potato or rice instead?

  15. Can i use milk instead of cream? Cream is expensive here in my country and I'm making a potluck that has a budget.

  16. Sabine Jean-Louis

    I LOVE your channel Laura 😍 I've tried most of your recipes

  17. Any advice for doing this recipe with meatballs instead of chicken?

  18. Just Finished making this & it was great, i didnt use mushrooms added sausage but great recipe. Loved It Cant wait to try more of her recipes.

  19. aaah oh my god. i'm still going to gush over your perfect eye makeup, laura. oh my god.

  20. Hey Laura! So it was a Friday night and I had previously defrosted sum chicken but had no idea what to do with it sooooo…….

    Jumped on L.I.T.K/Entrees; found this lil number right here and Boy-o-Boy!!!! My son could not stay OUT of the pan, Well after dinner!👍🏾

    He/we loved the sauce this dish makes, 😩 Delish!👌🏾It stuck to the pasta just Right😉

    Thanks for a TASTY ALTERNATIVE to Fish Friday!!!!

  21. hi Laura.. i really loved all your recipesss….really loves it …

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