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Bringing Back Cakes of Dessert Past

Valerie Gordon is the owner and operator of Valerie Confections, a Los Angeles bakery that specializes in resurrecting dessert recipes lost to time. Her interest first piqued after she recreated a popular coffee crunch cake from California’s iconic Blum’s Bakery. Since then, she’s taken her detective skills to the max, searching the menu vault at the Los Angeles library and reaching out to residents to find and bring back cakes of dessert past. So far, she’s successfully recreated a whole array of forgotten desserts, including the banana shortcake from Chasen’s and the grapefruit cake from Brown Derby.

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  1. fajar ahmad setiawan

    Don't her job and passion look like a dream?

  2. Restoration level 100

  3. August Pritchett

    I have a book called Vintage Cakes that has a whole bunch of old timey cake recipes. Coffee crunch cake is in there.

  4. Never had any of those. What about the pineapple upside down cake?

  5. taeil’s smile cured my depression

    i want to try one of her cakes especially the grapefruit one

  6. A good pizza* can change the course of my day.

  7. I love the way she speak abt memories instead of simply going retro I need to meet her she speaks to my heart 😍

  8. Annalise Keating

    Love the intention here but her cakes looks really dry 🙁

  9. Megalodon Vesper

    What a heartwarming feature! This is why I can never find myself to throw my mom's old cookbooks. It had these yummy looking food with the old photography techniques that made them look so vintage. No photoshop and enhancements. Some of the ingredients used in the cookbook have a different name now or have been replaced by modern alternatives. Still, I'd like to someday try out the recipes of that old cookbook that we never got to use because we were poor back then.

  10. Amazing! Everything looks so yummy, props to you for taking your time to make people happy in such a unique way

  11. Dessert anthropologist is a interesting job!!!😍🍰🍰

  12. mopslikvonstein

    dessert anthropologist is definitely a made up title

  13. Harmony Galaxy

    No i was born in the 2000s sooo i DONT remember 😐

  14. CrazyGirlForever

    I love watching ppl read from an old cookbook and try to cook that food. Is so complicated and hard

  15. America's obsession of cataloging almost everything is one thing I admire, who would have thought that such menus and recipes could be found in a library setting and be used today.

  16. i always love your episode about foods 😍
    its look so delicious

  17. It's infinitely prosaic logic to perpetuate the sugar drug.

  18. I love the idea of resurrecting cakes. Now if only she'd publish the recipes for the cakes, then I could bake them – erh, I mean, then they wouldn't go extinct again….

  19. This shop is like the jesus of cakes
    It revives cakes

  20. Why so Serious

    I love this and the resurrected desserts but I don't know why they had to film this 1:51 lol

  21. Astor Reinhardt

    Dessert Anthropologist huh? Guess that makes me a Food Anthropologist because I do this with recipes from the 1940s and 1950s :/

  22. Wow, she baked 3 cakes

  23. I love people like this who just want to sweeten our lives with a little old fashioned nostalgia. Thank you!!

  24. Parvati Villarba

    I have type two diabetes 😢

  25. She's so classy and her choice of words make her sound so delightfully expensive.

  26. Adithya Asprilla

    Never knew such job does exist!

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